17 conditions that require first aid

17 conditions that require first aid

There may be many situations in your life when you will need to provide first aid to people during emergencies. To be prepared and equipped for such situations, you may also want to take a certification course and become a first responder. But before proceeding, you should know the conditions under which first aid is needed. There are various cases when the person is not aware that he was able to provide first aid and save the victim. Therefore, the conditions below can help you prepare for situations requiring first aid.

• Illness that occurs due to altitude or vertigo – Altitudes can cause shortness of breath. Sometimes it can also lead to swelling of the brain and lungs.

• Some insect bites can send victims into a state of shock. Some insect bites cause inflammation throughout the body, which requires certain first aid before contacting a doctor or even going to a hospital.

• As a civilian, you may sometimes experience a war-like situation and at that time; first aid can save a soldier. You need to know how to remove a bullet or bandage a deep wound caused by a bombing.

• The fracture should be treated safely until medical help arrives. If it’s an arm or leg, you can prop it up or tie it tightly to reduce the pain.

• Burns also require first aid. You can either cover them with a blanket to reduce the effects of burns and prevent further damage.

• Heart attacks can be investigated using CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Most people who survive a heart attack die before medical help arrives. Such deaths can be avoided if proper first aid is given.

• Suffocation or difficulty breathing requires immediate help.

• A woman giving birth also needs first aid. There were days when deliveries were made at home. But now that it is done in hospitals, some measures are better to be taken at home to avoid accidents.

• Difficulty swimming or diving. Safety equipment such as lifeboats and life belts are handy.

• Indigestion or stomach problems also require immediate attention. Some medicines or first aid tablets should be readily available.

• Unconsciousness due to heat stroke or low sugar levels or shock

• Joint luxation

• Hypertension

• Seizures or seizures

• Muscle sprain

• Headache, toothache, stomachache

• Bleeding from the nose or ears.

Such conditions require first aid before the arrival of medical assistance. Most people don’t know that these conditions can be helped with proper first aid. Even if you did know, you would not be qualified to provide first aid to the injured. Therefore, it is important not only to know about such conditions, but also requires qualification and courage to apply your knowledge in a time of need. Courage accompanies qualification. You cannot be brave when you are not qualified to provide first aid to victims. It is too risky. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone take a first aid course and become qualified to help victims during emergencies.

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