3 Ways Tennis Coaches Use eBooks

3 Ways Tennis Coaches Use eBooks

As a tennis coach.

You should use eBooks to advertise and promote your private coaching program and also help you grow it faster.

Right now.

“We’re going to talk about 3 ways you can use eBooks to double your earnings in months.”

Some tennis coaches use e-books, but many don’t use them the right way.

Also, be creative when applying these tips.

Well, they are…

1) Increase sales.

After they join your program and have been taking lessons from you for a while, introduce them to an eBook.

Tell them you want them to study the e-book in between your lessons.

So, make sure that the e-book can help them improve a certain stroke or game pattern.

2) Create an email list.

You can use your e-book to grow your email list.

Write a free report like… “How to Develop a Solid Network Game in 2 Weeks”.

And make sure your e-book helps them solve their problem on the court.

This will help you gain their trust and they will be willing to buy other affiliate products you offer them in the future.

They say that on average each subscriber is worth $1 per month to the list owner.

Which means if you have 2000 of them on your list, you will collect $2000 per month in passive income per month.

Not bad right?

3) Create a home study course.

Now, this is where you can really start making some money!

Interview an expert.

Transcribe it into an audio program, e-book and workbook.

Also, offer them private coaching and package everything together.

You can charge $2000 or more for it.

But when selling this program, never push it on your students at first.

Focus on getting them into your sales funnel with a free offer and slowly moving them towards it.

You should also update this course every 2 years to keep the content fresh and the information packed!

So as you can see.

These are 3 great ways to use eBooks to sell more, grow your email list, and then turn an eBook into a homeschooling course.

Use them all together in a creative way and adjust this concept to fit your own coaching business.

More tennis coaches should do this because they can use e-books to develop their coaching programs faster and with less effort.

Each eBook should solve a specific problem for your student or potential client.

Always give surveys to your students and ask them what their biggest problems are when it comes to learning the game, then make a record of it.

Use this information to write an e-book on it as soon as possible.

Don’t like to write?

No problem!

Outsource it, you can go to sites and do this for $30.

Ok, you’re ready, my friend.

All you have left is…

Create your survey form and start gathering information and write your first eBook!

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