3 ways to do background checks on your daughter’s boyfriend

3 ways to do background checks on your daughter’s boyfriend

Your daughter met a new guy, he seems nice and sweet, but you’re still worried. How can you find out who he really is, what his past is and what he is hiding from her? Maybe he has a criminal record, maybe he’s a drug addict, or a just-turned-killer? I know you won’t sleep at night until you know all the details about this person, but how can you do that? Here you can find 3 ways to do a background check on your daughter’s boyfriend!

First way:

You can use the services of private investigation companies for your purpose. It’s pretty easy to find these companies everywhere today. Just open the phonebook and select the one you want to use. They will do all the work for you. But personally I don’t recommend you to use these services because it will cost you and you will wait few weeks for the results.

Second way:

Use government databases to run a background check on your daughter’s boyfriend. You can call the police department (I think) and ask them to find all the records for the name you will give them. It’s a good way and it’s free, but you have to know that police databases are old and not updated for months or years, so they can’t find anything because their database isn’t updated, but the guy is a drug dealer. .. it can happen!

Third way:

You can use online background services to check someone’s background. It will cost you money, but it is quite easy and very fast. You will receive the recordings in a minute, you can print them or download them to your computer. It will cost you some money but not much, around 25-35 USD and that’s not much for instant and updated results. But there are many scams with these services. Most of them won’t give you more than an address and a phone number, so you should avoid these kinds of sites.

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