4 Online Dating Profile Without No For Women

4 Online Dating Profile Without No For Women

4 Online Dating Profile Without No For Women

This is an urgent message to every woman who uses online dating sites.

Writing an online dating profile is a task, mostly because you think about writing an outstanding profile more than writing about yourself, which men would like to know. OK, this is also very vague, but you should do a little research before you just spit your resume out on your online dating profile!

Revealing some of the worst online dating profile mistakes most women are likely to make, some of which are instant deal killers!

Writes more than necessary

Most profiles on online dating apps tell a story that no one cares to read after the first line. The first and most important thing women should know about men is that they don’t like too much talking, in the case of online profiles, too much writing. Men are known to have short attention spans and don’t want to know so many details, that’s what getting to know you is all about. Men like short and specific dating profiles, just like ESPN football recaps!

Writing a list

Will you be grocery shopping? “I’m looking for a man who likes to travel, dogs, food, children…”. Write a list of everything your ideal man should be and everything you are. Sure, you have a list, but it’s not meant to be on your dating profile! Save it for when you really start thinking about a guy, your dating profile isn’t even the first step!

Being pretentious

Showing and telling about yourself are two very obvious differences that anyone could notice. Just as we women don’t like men who show off and are pretentious about their so called lives, men hate pretentious bitches! You don’t need to have a flashy wardrobe, make-up or cars that scream from your profile and photos. The last thing you want is for the person to find out who you really are and then walk away. Show who you really are and you’ll attract the right kind of male traffic to any online dating website.

Being Generic

Yes, this point is the one that scares every woman and then we start doing all the wrong things to make our profile stand out. On any online dating app, check out 10 random profiles right now, I bet you’ll find surprising similarities! Everyone wants to show that they are fun, adventurous, love to travel, eat out, and of course, walk on the beach! It’s like the hobby section on any resume – reading, music, travel!

You can do that, but don’t make them sound so generic, make the ordinary extraordinary. For example, “I’m an adventurer” doesn’t tell me anything, but by writing “I’m taking flying lessons,” you’ve caught my attention. To stand out from the crowd online, you need a profile that is unique and compelling.

The profile is just to whet the appetite and give men just enough to want to know more about you. Avoid these instant deal killers and consider rewriting your profile so they don’t open up to you. They are sure to build you a profile with all the yeses!

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