5 amazing ways animation is changing the way we connect

5 amazing ways animation is changing the way we connect

With the current moves towards online business, telecommuting and the expanding global marketplace, it’s easy to feel disconnected in a world that should be more connected than ever.

But because of the booming animation industry, there are now more ways than ever to connect with people. These connections can be unexpected, creative, and incredibly effective—whether online or in person.

Below, we’ll look at five of the key ways animation can be used to make a real connection with your audience – whether they’re family, friends, students, prospects and customers, or anyone else. The only limit is your imagination!

1. Public speaking

There are now many opportunities for public speaking, both online and in person. Many businesses have company conferences or regular video calls, for example, as well as university lectures, guest lectures or invitations to speak at an event on a particular topic.

But where does animation come in? Surely public speaking involves appearing and speaking as yourself? Not necessarily! Not only can animation now be used to add a variety of highly engaging visuals to your talk – such as animated effects for titles, slides and even video tutorials – you can even create an animated character to speak for you!

Animated characters can sync with your speech or facial expression to deliver a speech as you do it. This can be particularly popular with younger audience members or for light events, but they can be used for any occasion you see fit.

Why not give a speech or Q&A as your company mascot, for example, or let a cartoon version of you speak and be more animated, interactive and accessible to your audience?

The possibilities are endless, and animation provides a great way to build a connection with your audience.

2. Advertising

Striking animations are increasingly being used in advertising. This is especially true online, where the market is booming and (at times) oversaturated. Animation can allow you to stand out from the competition with eye-catching or interactive designs.

Animation also allows you to advertise in different ways. This could be through a custom character or free digital puppet, for example, or it could be through an effective logo or animated branding piece.

Animation can also be used for more complex and powerful forms of advertising, such as an entire animated series, for example. In fact, there are already several international soccer teams use their own animated series to generate supporters from younger and younger age groups!

You can use short animated videos, entire series, logos, characters and more to promote your business. The animation is also very customizable; it can be tailored to different styles and color schemes to suit your brand or business – whether that means being vibrant and playful, sleek and professional, or something in between.

3. Identity

Perhaps a more unexpected way animation allows people to connect is through the playful expression of their identity. This can be in the form of the art and animation itself or it can be through the use of a 3D virtual avatar or characterfor example.

Animated avatars are visual, fun and can be made very personal. They’re a great way to protect your online identity so you feel safe and creative, but they’re also great fun – whether at home or at work.

Many people also use animated avatars or animations as part of their online identity to connect with fans and patrons – such as for live broadcasts, YouTube videos, Twitch, etc.

4. Education

Animation is well known for its ability to connect with younger viewers and students. It is vibrant, colorful and engaging – a perfect companion, therefore, for teachers and educators trying to create something memorable and educational.

But animation continues to appeal to us even as we grow up. It remains an incredibly useful tool in adult education or university settings, helping to simplify complex problems, for example, or creating a memorable way to absorb a lot of information.

Animated lessons and videos are a particularly useful way to add some fun and interactivity to education – whatever your age.

5. Business

The animation is also done a powerful tool in businesscatching the eyes of prospects and customers – especially online – and building a real connection.

Animations can be short, memorable and highly effective, making them the perfect addition to social media campaigns or e-commerce websites.

However you choose to use animation, embrace its power to engage and connect and you will reap the rewards!

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