5 easy ways to make a rental apartment feel like home

5 easy ways to make a rental apartment feel like home

You can’t wait to make your new space feel like your own, but it’s hard to know where to start, especially if there are leases in place. But with proper organization and some adjustments, your rental will no longer feel like a rental!

Just make sure you’re not breaking any leases – talk to your landlord if you have any questions!

Change the color of your wall

If your lease allows, the first thing you should do is repaint your walls! A light, neutral color has a big impact on opening up interior spaces, making them appear larger than they are. White, cream, pewter, purple or gray are great choices to start with. Neutral colors are great for brightening up a room, and they’re also a great base if you want to add furniture to your wall.

Not only that – without the distraction of bright colors or patterns, it will be easier for you to relax and unwind in your apartment!

Add your personality to your decors

One of the best ways to make a space feel like your own is by decorating it with pieces that scream YOU. Add accents of your favorite color or frame and pin your favorite photos of family, friends and memories!

Focus on areas that give you comfort and relaxation. If you enjoy watching TV shows and movies in the living room, get a comfy sofa (can be thrifted!), soft pillows, and then add some candles with your favorite scents to complete the package!

Check the lighting

Check the lighting of your rented apartment. Is it too harsh? Is it too dark? The right lighting can make a big difference. This also depends on the room and your personal needs. You don’t want bright lighting in your bedroom when you’re trying to relax, but it’s probably what you need for working from home.

So change the lighting according to your needs – choose remarkable lighting fixtures to add to the aesthetics of your apartment!

Go Green

Breathe some life into your living space by adding houseplants! Plants will not only make the area more lively and attractive, but also help freshen the air in the room. Choose low maintenance plants for starters!

Say no to clutter

Any living space, rented or not, won’t feel like home if you come home to a lot of clutter. You won’t be able to fully relax with all the mess around. The key to keeping your home clutter-free is proper organization.

Work on de-cluttering, then work from there. Shelves, stackable storage boxes and under bed storage are great investments!

Follow these tips to make your rental apartment feel like home!

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