5 Essential Things to Check for a Used Mobile Home for Sale

5 Essential Things to Check for a Used Mobile Home for Sale

There are many good reasons to choose to live in a mobile home – and one of the main ones is – affordability. Living in a mobile home is more affordable than renting and much cheaper than buying a prefab or modular home.

While these types of homes are definitely more affordable, there are five main things to keep in mind when viewing a used mobile home for sale. Here they are:

  1. Check for stains on the ceiling. This applies to both new and used homes. The spot is often orange-yellow or yellow-brown. In fact, a good time to look at a mobile home is right after a heavy rain. If you see that the spots have dried even though it has recently rained, the leaks may already be fixed. Very dark spots may indicate that the roof has leaking problems. If you see a sagging roof with various dark spots, move on to the next used mobile home for sale.
  2. Check the abdomen for sagging as this is often a sign of water leakage as the insulation becomes heavy when wet. Make sure the belly wrap completely absorbs the bottom and check that the insulation hasn’t fallen off. You may need to remove some baseboards to see under the mobile home.
  3. Check the floors for a spongy feel. If a used home mobile phone for sale has gotten very wet, the flooring often becomes soft, warped, and may even be rotten. If you weigh more than 150 pounds, you will notice soft spots if there has been a leak. Be sure to check areas near toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks.
  4. Check the plumbing for quality. Many used mobile homes have poor quality equipment and are therefore more prone to cracks and leaks or have already leaked. Of course, if the manufactured home looks good overall, replacing a few poor quality fixtures with better ones is pretty cheap. In general, heavy plastic or porcelain-coated steel bodies are best.
  5. Check the wiring to determine if it is aluminum, which is known to corrode and pose a fire hazard in older mobile homes. Obviously copper wiring is the way to go. If you don’t know how to tell the difference, take someone with you, as many insurance companies will not insure a used home mobile phone for sale with aluminum wiring.
  6. Check the roof for leaks and adequate ventilation. Try to choose a used mobile home for sale that has a tile roof because it is usually better than a metal roof. If you can, check the attic space to make sure there is good ventilation. Without proper ventilation, especially in colder climates, condensation will build up and cause ceiling stains. Also, make sure the roof has an overhang that extends along the walls of the home. This will allow rainwater to run off the roof without touching the walls and potentially causing water damage.

Some other important factors to consider when checking out a used home mobile for sale include furnace and air conditioning, doors, screen doors, windows, screens, and appliances.

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