5 great things to do at Garner State Park this winter

5 great things to do at Garner State Park this winter

Once the heat of the brutal Texas summer is blown away by the first arctic fronts, vacation options begin to change dramatically. As the seasons change, so do the best times and places to visit. However, one place remains as charming and beautiful as ever. With an abundance of wildlife, natural beauty, and thankfully no adventurous crowds, Garner State Park is the perfect winter getaway. Here are 5 great things to do there this winter.

1. Stay inside

Renting a cozy cabin in the winter isn’t always just about having a place to sleep at night after a full day of adventures. The cabin itself can be used to rest, relax and spend time with family and friends. Sometimes on an extremely cold day, it’s best to stay inside and relax by the fire, watching a good movie or reading a fascinating book. Garner State Park has single family cabins and larger group or family cabin rentals.

2. Tourism

Even in the winter, Texas is still beautiful. Cooler temperatures are perfect for spending a day exploring trails. This state park has plenty of trails to explore and a variety of wildlife to view in the winter. Those with more experience can choose hiking trails that offer more challenging and steep inclines. The Frio Canyon Trail is 2.8 miles and there are shorter trails like the Blinn River Trail that follow the river and are only 5 miles.

3. Canoeing

Even in winter, the Frio River is accessible for a fun canoe trip. Colder temperatures lend themselves to some precautions, but during Texas’ regular cool winter days, the season’s added peace and quiet are perfect for a canoe adventure. Pack a picnic lunch and wade into the river at one of the many spots. Kayak and canoe rentals are available from many different vendors, or bring your own!

4. Relax

Winter is the quieter time to rent a cabin and/or camp. There are fewer families and the park is generally less crowded. Enjoy peace and quiet and relax outside by the fire. Barbecue, tell stories and invent cavities. As long as you plan ahead for inclement weather, the cooler temperatures will be refreshing.

5. Camp outside

Unless a cold front is moving through or there is a high chance of sleet, ice or snow, camping is a year-round option in the park. Plan ahead and make sure you bring electric blankets, firewood and any other essentials to stay warm in the dead of night.

Even in the winter, there’s plenty to do at this Texas state park. Bring your gear and a sense of adventure and escape.

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