5 Laravel development tools developers should be using in 2021

5 Laravel development tools developers should be using in 2021

If you are looking for a feature-rich and popular PHP framework for your web application project, Laravel will surely be an amazing option for you. With this amazing framework, web developers can efficiently build web applications with all the advanced and robust features and functionalities. The high-end features of the framework ensure the delivery of highly efficient and quality-oriented web application development solutions.

Laravel with all its features has now become the hot favorite of web application developers as well as business owners. Laravel already powers more than 1.2 million websites. Some of the highlighted features of Laravel are:

  • Easy routing
  • Artisan CLI
  • Easy authentication
  • Error handling
  • Blade template engine
  • Premium security features

Apart from these, another major reason to choose Laravel over other PHP frameworks for web application development is the availability of a wide range of tools that make Laravel web development an efficient process.

Some of the best tools every Laravel developer mandatory usage are shared here. Look.


When it comes to Laravel development, it is the best tool that developers can use. Besides being just an amazing code formatter, PHPStorm offers intelligent code navigation, fast testing, and easy debugging. The IDE also increases developer productivity and saves debugging time.

Laravel documentation:

The Laravel documentation gives an accurate and deeper understanding of the Laravel framework. With this, developers can learn more concepts related to Laravel development. Meeting customer requirements is made easy with this user-friendly and well-documented Laravel development solution.

Laravel Tinker:

Laravel Tinker is used to monitor objects and events. With this tool, Laravel developers can easily access the events and objects happening in web applications from the command line or CLI. If you are using the latest version of Laravel, you will need to manually install this tool separately as an add-on.

Laravel Debug Ribbon:

Laravel developers can use this tool to accurately debug web applications. The tool debugs web applications and offers real-time information when it detects a bug or error at any point during project debugging.

Backing up Laravel:

Laravel backup is the tool that helps to easily backup the entire project. Developers can create a backup copy of the project in a Zip file that will include all the project files and directories. And the best feature of this tool is that developers can store any type of file and anywhere in the system.

Apart from these 5, there are many other tools that Laravel developers can use like Laravel lumen, Laravel Nova, GitHub, BitBucket, Laravel Socialite, etc. All developers need to do is to understand the business requirements and features and usage of these tools and then choose the right tools accordingly.

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