5 ways to lose 8 ounces a day

5 ways to lose 8 ounces a day

What if I told you to join a top weight loss program and I gave you false expectations. Lose 30 pounds in 30 days. That’s a pound a day, what if after the first week you only lost 2 pounds? Maybe you were busy and couldn’t make all the meal suggestions, maybe they wanted a lot of money so you missed a meal or two, or maybe you walked in and said that was it. I’ve tried 10 programs, none of them work, and if that doesn’t show me results, I’m done.

It’s the same with becoming a millionaire, so many people give up on their dreams because they set unrealistic goals and give up before they even know why? Wouldn’t you agree that before you become a millionaire you have to earn your first $100 and then $1000, after you get better, learn more, gain more knowledge and then you earn $10,000 and so on.

So let’s start from the beginning. If you’re reading this article, you probably have a good general idea of ​​how to lose weight, you just can’t put all the pieces together. How about first setting a realistic goal of 4 ounces per day for the first week and 8 ounces per day for the next 7 weeks. This would equate to about 26lbs of weight loss after your first 2 months x 3 = 78lbs in 6 months and you started with a simple goal of 4 ounces per day.

5 easy ways to lose 4 ounces a day

Start with the basics:

Low calorie intake

Less carbs

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Less sugar


These things we already know help us, now it’s time to put it all into action and practice a game plan for the week starting with day one.

Beware of Energy Crashers that give you a boost with sugar, sucrose, high fructose corn syrup. These things will only cause you to crash and burn by midday as they are not beneficial to your energy levels. I recommend eating lots of whole grains along with fruits and vegetables. If you are going to drink an energy drink to boost your energy levels, I recommend using one that contains FOS (fructooligosaccharide).

FOS has been a popular food additive in Japan for many years, even before 1990, when the Japanese government established a “Functionalized Food Research Committee” of 22 experts to begin regulating “foods with special nutrition or functional foods”. which contain the categories of fortified foods (e.g. vitamin-enriched wheat flour), [2]and is now increasingly popular in Western cultures for its prebiotic effects.

FOS can be considered a small dietary fiber with (like all fibers) a low caloric value. Fermentation of FOS leads to the production of gases and acids. The latter provide some energy to the body.

Learn more about FOS [http://www.gocraveenergy.com]

Remember, the key to losing weight is not only doing the work, but also setting realistic goals and checking your progress daily, weekly and monthly. If you slack off in 1 or 2 areas, don’t give up, that’s okay, go back and review your goals and start again.

Last but not least, the most important ingredient in weight loss is your WHY! If your WHY is big enough, you can do anything.

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