6 ideas to improve the ATM customer experience

6 ideas to improve the ATM customer experience

In 1967, Barclays Bank located in England opened the first ATM or automated teller machine. Also often referred to as an ATM or bank machine, ATMs are widely used. Many people who use an ATM do so for the sole purpose of withdrawing money from their current savings or checking account. Telephone bills as well as utility bills, among other things, can be paid through the use of an ATM.

Bank customers are used to the services provided by ATMs and now consider them essential. The ATM revolutionized the entire banking industry. People no longer had to stand in long lines to get money at the bank. Many people appreciated the fact that they had access to all their funds even if the bank was not open. The customer experience when using an ATM can still receive improvements.

These six recommendations are areas that could be improved with banking machines:

1. Availability of working ATMs:

There may be problems with ATMs that make them unavailable and cause great frustration among customers. In many cases, this is because the bank used an old ATM system that was outdated. It is a very important customer expectation that ATMs are always available and fully operational.

2. Cleanliness and hygiene of ATMs:

One of the most disturbing experiences an ATM customer can have is trying to get into a machine that is covered in oil and grease from another person’s food. A number of bank machines are commonly used as dustbins for all kinds of rubbish. Banks must keep the areas around ATMs well maintained and clean. This improves the experience of customers using these machines.

3. Easy access to ATMs:

Sometimes it can be difficult to physically reach certain ATMs. Every ATM should be easily accessible to all people. It is also important that the size of the text on the screen is large enough.

4. Removal of Fees and Charges

One of the most recent and welcomed trends in access to bank machines is the elimination of bank charges and fees for using the machine. While these are good steps, not all bank machines use them and some still charge very high fees to access funds.

5. Privacy, safety and security of customers and their money:

An important consideration for many people is their privacy, as they do not want others to see how much cash they have taken or what their PIN is. Many times you can find ATMs that are not in a safe zone, which affects many people. People’s security is also important, as a thief only needs to find a person alone to rob them.

6. Sufficient cash in the machines:

It is extremely frustrating when you stand in line to access your ATM only to find that there is no money in it. It should be a priority for every bank to always have enough money in the ATMs.

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