7 Keys to Being Ready to Sell Your Home!

7 Keys to Being Ready to Sell Your Home!

Since for most people the value of their house is often one of their single most valuable assets, doesn’t it make sense to ensure that when they want to sell their home, they do it, all they can to make the most – the best possible deal! After more than 15 years as a licensed real estate salesperson in New York State, I often advise my clients on things they can do to better prepare for the sale transaction, process and period! In this regard, I highlight 7 keys to be as prepared as possible to sell your house and get the best results. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, examine, review and discuss these elements and why they matter.

1. Limitation appeal: If potential, qualified buyers don’t take a hard look at the house, they won’t make an offer to buy it! The first thing these people look at is the attractiveness of the property as they approach. Is it neat, clean and attractive? Are the colors, in general – appearance, gardens and visible state, repulsive or motivating, inspiring?

2. First impression: What might the potential buyer’s first impressions be when they walk into the house? Are there odors etc that could make it unattractive? Is it neat and clutter-free? Is there too much, too little, or just the right amount of furniture to accentuate the positive? What is the first thing someone will experience when they walk in?

3. The mess/staging: How can house showings benefit from decluttering and effectively presenting the home? Since many buyers can not imagine that what is not clear to them, seeing it often, makes sense, take advantage of the skills and experience of a professional stage designer!

4. Goals/priorities: Before deciding to sell your home, a homeowner should clearly consider and identify their personal goals and reasons and make sure they address their priorities throughout the process!

5. Listed price: Homeowners should hire potential agents and choose the one that will best represent their personal needs by providing honest suggestions and ideas, consistently! Remember, in most cases, the correct listing price makes a significant difference, for the better! It is important to understand that the list and sale price are different units!

6. Marketing strategy: Carefully consider which marketing strategy makes the most sense for your combination of personal reasons, priorities, etc.! There should be a clear understanding from the start of how to proceed effectively!

7. Agent/Homeowner Teamwork: The best results and least stressful process and approach to this period is to ensure quality, consistent teamwork between agent and homeowner so they continue to be on the same page!

Getting the best price and terms when selling your house is a smart goal, and using the 7 steps listed above is a smart and effective approach. Will you do everything you can in your best interest?

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