8 reasons to avoid extreme sports

8 reasons to avoid extreme sports

People advertise extreme sports events and courses as if it’s something safe and cool that you want to do. ha! But it is not! It’s not like learning to play chess or watching a cool movie, not at all.

That’s why:

1. You can get hurt or die.
It may sound very convincing that the percentage of people who die in car accidents is higher than the percentage of those who die from skydiving. But whatever statistics show you, the truth is one – you i can die or at least seriously injure yourself when you practice extreme sports. It happens all the time.

And you know, of course, those who don’t do such stupid things live forever.

2. It will cost you money.
Every extreme sport requires some kind of equipment. For some sports like skateboarding it’s cheaper, for some like diving it’s more expensive – but without exception practicing extreme sports will cost some of your hard-earned money.

Isn’t it a much better idea to spend your money on trendy branded t-shirts or cool tech gadgets?

3. It takes time.
Most often, practicing extreme sports requires going somewhere special (water, mountain, hill). It takes time to get there, it takes time to train, it takes time to get home, it takes time to rest. Sometimes extreme sports can take up all your free time.

Isn’t that sad? Instead, you could use this time for such cool activities as playing video games.

4. Your career may suffer.
Extreme sports will occupy not only your time, but also your brain. You’ll think about it, about the good time, about the next good time when you’ll do it. This often kills the motivation at work and makes you wait only for the end of the working day.

It is much better to be a good employee, grow in your career and get a good stable salary!

5. You might fall in love.
There are two ways you can fall in love – first, you can and most likely will fall in love with the extreme sport you practice. This is so bad for the reason already mentioned. Second, you may fall in love with one of your partners, a coach, or an instructor.

What an awkward situation, much better to stay in your comfort zone and avoid falling for crazy things.

6. You’ll feel bad the times you can’t exercise.
You will miss extreme sports when you are at work, when you are far from a suitable place, when you do not have time or money, when the weather is not good… You will miss it all the time. And missing something hurts, believe me.

Life is much more painless when you have nothing to miss and nothing to lose, right?

7. Your old friends will think you’re crazy.
I bet they will. Imagine how they’ll look at you when you tell them you won’t be joining the Friday night party because you have to get up early to go skydiving. They’ll think you’re a fool. Many of them will get bored when you excitedly tell them about your latest mountain biking achievement. Some will even feel sick when you get fitter as a result of the extreme sport.

And just think for a moment about the time you get some kind of injury. “I told you, I told you!”.

8. You will lose interest in some usual activities
Practicing an extreme sport will brainwash you so much that you may lose interest in some regular activities that you enjoy now. It’s not just work. You will stop being interested in cool things like watching TV shows, playing video games and even taking fun Facebook quizzes.

Can you imagine that? Terrible!

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