A few words about comic book prices

A few words about comic book prices

The value of individual comics can vary widely. Some problems
have been known to carry a six-figure cash value, while other issues are not even
worth the price you paid for them. Action Comics #1 (Superman’s Introduction) c
mint quoted at $650,000. Quite a neat coin.
Then Weird Science, issue #13, in near mint condition can command a respectable price
$5,750 tag. There are also loads of old editions bought at a newsstand price
around $5, which now cost even less than that.

So how is the actual value of their individual collections determined?
This is not an easy task or should be taken lightly. The value of comics is high
perceived value and will vary quite a bit depending on which opinion you choose
I follow. In any case, if there is a reputable comic book dealer in your area, you
with whom you are comfortable, get his or her opinion. But in all my research so far, it
“The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide” seems to be the bible of the most active comics
book collectors.

I have my copy in electronic format accessible from my desktop. It is very comfortable. If you
If you really want to know how much your magazines are worth, the first thing you should do is
to determine the physical condition of each comic. Is a jerk ass poor with pages
missing and needs a paper clip to hold it together or has never been opened since
purchased and appears to be in perfect condition? Even brand new comics might not be
make the grade mint or perfect condition.

Overstreet gives a very detailed description of all the degrees and sub-degrees used in the
A scale of 0.5 to 10.0, generally acceptable to all comic book fans. If you follow his
physical condition explanations and rating scale, you’ll get a pretty good feel for
terms of your own collection.

The next step in your pricing is to wade through the countless pages to find
your specific problems. Along with your physical and degree requirements already determined,
you can find the current estimated value of your problem.

This guide also contains advice on collecting, preserving and storing your comics. And that
defines the different eras (Golden Age, Silver Age, etc.) that comics history has
Go through.

I guess if I had to mention a downside to this guide it would be the fact that there are so many of them
you have to go through a lot of information, it may take you some time to absorb the whole book.
Once you are well acquainted and comfortable with the manual, you can think
be an expert in your own right and help your friends with their collection and
pricing questions.

I believe this guide is an invaluable and inexpensive resource, but it is not
I think you will be disappointed with it. You can visit Heritage Comics at
http://www.comic-book-collection-made-easy.com/CBPG to learn more about the guide.
While you’re there, you might want to browse the Heritage site. There are some many
there are interesting topics. If you’ve never seen the Heritage Comics site before, you too
really enjoy it, just remember where you heard about it (ha ha). Of course, if you
prefer a paper copy of the Overstreet Guide, I’m sure your local comic
store will have a copy and I hope this little review has helped you with your pricing questions.

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