A new book reveals the world’s biggest sales secret

A new book reveals the world’s biggest sales secret

In Why They Buy: Cracking the Personality Code to Achieve Record Sales and Real Wealth, entrepreneur Cherry Tree reveals his game-changing system that will help any marketer connect with their prospects in a way that closes the deal and creates a win for all situations for everyone.

Being in sales is one of the most difficult professions, but the truth is, we are all in sales. If we’re not trying to sell a product to our customers, we’re trying to sell our kids on eating their vegetables or our employer on giving us a raise. Every day we are faced with situations where we have to “sell” (promote our agenda or point of view) and we can achieve more success in all these selling situations when we learn the personality code of the person we are trying to sell to. How do we do this? By using Cherry Tree’s BANK system, which she describes in simple and practical detail in this book.

Rest assured, the BANK is not a system to manipulate people into buying something they don’t want. It’s a system that helps you learn how to connect with people using the language they want to hear. As Cherry points out in the book, 66 percent of customers are turned off by salespeople’s presentations. This is because the salesperson is not speaking in a language that the customer wants to hear or really understands. As Cherry reveals, people have different personalities, so if you want to sell to someone, you need to understand that person’s personality type. BANK is an acronym for the four personality types, and since there are four of them, if you don’t know a person’s personality type, you only have a 1 in 4 chance of making the right ad.

However, research shows that 82 percent of people want to buy from their matching personality type. This means that if the salesperson doesn’t match their personality type, the salesperson will likely lose the sale. BANK helps the salesperson identify the customer’s personality type in less than ninety seconds so that he or she can transform the customer’s type and then have an excellent chance of closing the sale!

To explain all four personality types here would be to give away too much information – better read about them in the book. You can actually take a test to determine your own personality type. I’ll just say that Cheri takes readers step-by-step through the mindset behind why BANK works better than any other sales program. She then goes into detail in her description of each of the four personality types so that you understand the likes, dislikes and idiosyncrasies of the types and can tailor your sales pitch and all communications accordingly. Once you do this, your prospects will be more receptive to your message and you will improve your sales and relationships.

Yes, the BANK really works! In fact, Cheri is living proof of that. She is very honest throughout the book about the struggles she went through in sales before discovering this system. She states:

“I started at the bottom… the very bottom! My dream of being a successful entrepreneur was shattered when I realized I couldn’t handle sales. I was so terrified that in my entire first year in sales as a commission-only financial advisor, I only made $700! I was the worst salesman on the team!”

Cheri goes on to describe how she spent years trying to figure out what she was doing wrong until she discovered the BANK system. She then tells us, “Using the BANK code, I increased my income in one year from $72,000 to over $500,000 – a 695 percent increase. Within three years my annual income exceeded one million dollars – and the rest, they say, is history.”

But there is much more to BANK than just sales and making money. It’s not that money isn’t important – money, as Cherry points out, does bring happiness because it makes people’s lives easier; it allows them to fulfill their dreams, have security and take care of their loved ones. But more importantly, BANK can help us improve our relationships with everyone, from our loved ones to our customers and strangers. Cherry states:

“Do you want to know what Cheri Tree is really about? I want to change lives. I don’t care about money at all, but I know that if I help you make more money, it can change your life. Money Can Help You Achieve Your True Dreams Sure, I’ve had people tell me, “Money can’t buy you happiness.” But when they say that, I usually say, “Well, I recommend you try to make at least a million dollars in a year and then reevaluate that saying!” It’s another stupid myth, isn’t it? Money can definitely buy you a lot of happiness, but money isn’t everything.”

Most of Why They Buy is devoted to the power of BANK to help people in sales, but Cheri also offers examples of how learning BANK codes to each other has helped family members learn to communicate better; has even helped people connect with suicidal people to save their lives. This could actually bring world peace as world leaders learn how to communicate with each other using this system. This dream of world peace is not even that far-fetched considering that Cheri Tree has already introduced BANK to thousands of people and it has made its way to more than forty countries. With that kind of success – and growing – I can guarantee that this is a system worth looking into.

I rarely get as excited about reading a book as I did when I read Why They Buy. It made me understand myself better – I am K with B as my second personal code. It has also made me better understand some of my loved ones with whom I have difficulty communicating. It’s a practical, easy-to-use system that can definitely change your sales and your life. Try it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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