Advantage for Children – Educational benefits of reading to children

Advantage for Children – Educational benefits of reading to children

One of the most important skills your child can learn is reading. Besides counting, it is probably the first intellectual skill to be addressed in school systems. However, it is helpful for your children to give them a head start so that they start reading as soon as they enter school. What are the benefits of children starting to read before they enter school, and how far should you go to teach your child to read?

While you certainly don’t expect a five-year-old kindergartener to be able to pick up a Stephen King novel and read it, it’s a great idea to put your child in a position to be ahead of the average child in their reading ability. Progressing beyond The Cat in the Hat is certainly not frowned upon, although your child may then become bored with kindergarten reading assignments. A good teacher for this age group recognizes that children are at different levels and adapts to each child’s needs.

By teaching your own child to read, you ensure that he or she will receive individual attention and a personalized curriculum, if desired, so that he or she can develop at the desired pace. You can also make sure your child finds reading fun, which is important. If it’s not fun, they won’t want to do it! An abundance of educational benefits are derived from material that is also extremely entertaining!

By learning to read early, children are primed to pay more attention to other aspects of school, including learning social skills, teamwork, and other such qualities needed to succeed in everyday life. Getting ahead allows the child to progress even further so that later in life the individual’s vocabulary is extensive and far exceeds the average individual in both reading and speaking ability.

Well-read individuals, especially those who can attribute their success to the diligence of parents who were willing to take the time to teach them as children, are known to advance further in school, college, and the workplace. Often, as their knowledge is broadened by the range of subjects they have read about, they are also more socially engaged, with the ability to engage in conversation with others on a wide variety of subjects in an intelligent and informed way.

Starting your child with the ability to read early is one way to get them off on the right foot to begin their journey through school and through life. The more you teach them, the less likely they will struggle in the future and the more confidence they will have in themselves and their abilities.

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