Advantages and disadvantages of online storage service

Advantages and disadvantages of online storage service

Computer files should be backed up at regular intervals to protect against malware or viruses that have the potential to severely damage a computer’s hard drive. While external backup devices require you to do the backup yourself, an online storage service provides backup and data storage in lieu of some fees. There are several service providers in the market that offer such storage. But you should weigh the pros and cons of using this kind of data storage service before actually implementing it.

The online storage service is very suitable for those who are always on the go as this service will allow them to access their important data from anywhere at any time of the day or night through the internet. One can download a backup from anywhere if the computer or laptop crashes. The user can upload several backup versions, one of which can be used in data recovery. Easy access to online storage service benefits small businesses who can save a lot of money by avoiding the use of large capacity backup drives, DVD burners, which are quite expensive. Also, since the online storage service allows access to your associates and employees, networked computers won’t be as crucial.

In addition, this type of storage service provides unprecedented data security. Storing documents on your computer without making a backup copy is absolutely unwise. This is because hard drives can crash, computers can be stolen or be subjected to some disaster resulting in data loss. The online storage service is much more secure because it stores data in an off-site backup system that can be accessed remotely through a password-protected account. Also, using this service means you can save a lot of space on your existing hard drive. This is a big advantage as you won’t have to buy an extra hard drive or upgrade on one side for the purpose of uploading photos and documents. Finally, since the solution is fully automated, it does not require continuous user intervention for its operation.

There are many benefits associated with this type of online storage service. However, on the other hand, there are also some disadvantages of using this solution. This type of setting allows the service provider access to your business data. Thus, in a way, your confidential business information no longer remains confined within the four walls of your company premises, which in turn can lead to data privacy issues. And since data is transferred over the Internet, there is always the threat of a security breach. To avoid such circumstances, it is recommended that you avail service from a certified provider that has undergone third-party verification of its security controls and protocols. Also, if you want the service to provide large or unlimited storage, it will undoubtedly cost you dearly.

Despite all the drawbacks, the online storage service has gained immense popularity among businesses of various sizes because of the ease it provides in terms of data storage and recovery. In conclusion, it can be said that the advantages of the online storage service outweigh all the disadvantages and therefore it is quickly adopted by companies in various industries.

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