After months of silence, the climate envoys of China and the United States are speaking briefly

After months of silence, the climate envoys of China and the United States are speaking briefly

Reuters reported on Wednesday that Mr. Xie said that China supports the idea, which is growing. rich, polluting countries make developing countries pay for the losses and damages caused by climate change.

Poor countries have demanded that compensation, arguing that they contribute relatively little to global warming but are disproportionately affected by pollution. China, which is considered a developing country by the United Nations, will not contribute to such a fund, said Qian Zhang, the representative of the Chinese delegation.

For decades, rich nations have emitted half Since 1850, all gases have been heated, have shied away from calling on poor countries to recover from climate disasters, fearing it could expose them to unlimited liability. And, as a legal and practical matter, it has been extremely difficult to define “loss and damage” and determine what it costs and who should pay how much.

But at this week’s summit, several European countries, including Scotland, Ireland, Austria, Belgium and Denmark, pledged to contribute specifically to such a fund, while the president of the European Union endorsed the idea. The United States says it is willing to discuss such a program, but has not committed to funding it.

Kerry, 78, and Hsieh, 73, both came out of retirement to take up their countries’ top climate posts and have worked together on key breakthroughs in international policy over the past decade.

They worked together at the UN climate summit in Glasgow last year to announce that both their countries will do more to reduce the greenhouse gases from burning oil, gas and coal that contribute to climate change. The terms of the deal were not groundbreaking, but it was a signal for other countries to step up their ambitions.

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