Amazing Card Magic Tricks For Beginners – Women’s Lib

Amazing Card Magic Tricks For Beginners – Women’s Lib

Many people are looking for a way to learn easy card tricks because they don’t want to learn card tricks that are full of advanced techniques they can’t support.

What I am about to tell you is one of the magic card tricks for beginners that anyone can practice and perform in minutes. If you want to know or learn how to do easy card tricks, you’ve come to the right place.

One of the card magic tricks for beginners that I’m going to tell you is called Women’s Lib

Actually, this easy card trick can be done using aces, but for variety we will use four queens. Remove all four queens and place them on the deck before starting this trick.

Pass the deck to your spectator and tell him to cut the deck into four equal piles. While he is doing this, you must keep an eye on the stack that contains the first four queens. This should be the last stack from either end of the group.

Then you say, “Let’s name each pile. How about A, B, C, D?” Point to each pile as you name them in order. Make sure heap D is the last one you name.

You then tell your spectator to choose pile A and deal three cards to the table where the pile was. Then deal the next three cards, one on top of each of the other piles, in any order he wishes.

When this is done, instruct him to put the pile back on top of the three cards he dealt. Repeat the instructions for piles B, C, and D. Each time, make sure the first three cards are dealt before the next three are dealt.

When he’s done, you’ll have a queen on top of each pile. Then you say, “Now that you’ve shuffled the cards pretty thoroughly, I’m going to let you in on a secret. This trick is called the Female Lib Trick. The reason is simple. In this trick, women always come out on top. ” Return the first card from each pile to see that they are all queens.

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