AOL Texas Hold Em Poker – Is AOL Texas Hold EM Poker good and are there better games?

AOL Texas Hold Em Poker – Is AOL Texas Hold EM Poker good and are there better games?

You would expect AOL Texas Hold Em Poker to be a pretty popular poker platform. The reason is that since the game is part of a giant internet service and media company, you would expect it to have a huge following.

At its peak, AOL had over 30 million subscribers. One would expect with these numbers that this poker game would have hundreds of thousands of players.

This is unfortunately not the case. AOL Texas Hold Em Poker had no impact on gameplay. I’ll explain why in a minute, but first I’ll explain what it’s all about.

AOL is home to one of the largest online communities in the world. You would expect this to be a natural home for an online poker game. As a result of the large community, they have created poker rooms for their members and it is free to play.

You have the choice of playing no limit or limit Texas Hold Em. You can play single or multiplayer version. They have low stakes, high stakes and super high stakes. They even have their own tournaments.

In theory, you would expect this to be very popular. However, this is far from the case. The problem is that very few players participate. For example, at the time of writing there are only 72 players participating in the Limit room and 14370 in the No Limit room. Even the last number is not impressive.

The reason is that it is overshadowed by Bebo Texas Hold Em and Facebook Texas Hold Em. Both social networks have millions of players participating in their poker rooms. And at any given time you have hundreds of thousands if not over a million players participating. It makes AOL look like peanuts.

One of the reasons social networks attract more players is that more people are connected to social networks. AOL’s days are numbered. People no longer participate in this online community and have chosen to be a part of Facebook instead.

Another reason for its lackluster success is that some people say the game isn’t realistic. Several players claim that there is cheating. For example, a common claim is that they will have multiple weak hands, which is not mathematically possible in poker. It doesn’t seem to reflect reality.

If AOL Texas Hold Em poker wants to have a fighting chance against the social networks, which will need to upgrade their software and provide bonuses and rewards to players. Maybe even having a poker lesson would be helpful.

However, if you are serious about mastering your online poker and want to get to the point where you can win big, then the online community, nor the social networks, will be the place to play. You won’t make any money there.

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