Backstage News on how NBC Universal feels about WWE NXT

Backstage News on how NBC Universal feels about WWE NXT

Backstage News on how NBC Universal feels about WWE NXT

NXT’s most recent premium live event, Halloween Havoc, took place on October 22nd. The card was headlined by Braun Breaker defending the NXT Championship against Ilya Dragunov and J.J. hit Peacock.

On Twitter:Wrestling Observer’s Andrew Zaryan has quite positive stats for the NXT event. “Halloween Havoc was NXT’s most-watched independent PLE since the beginning of Peacock’s relationship. By independent, I mean spending weekends where there is no main roster. PLE”.

NXT TakeOver In Your House 2021, NXT TakeOver 36 and NXT WarGames 2021 were the only three independent premium live events the brand has hosted since. Peacock’s partnership began in early 2021. Halloween Havoc 2022 can now be added to that list, topping them all.

Zarian also addedMore on Halloween Havoc. Executives were “encouraged” that the additional promotion helped translate into additional views for this PLE. The general attitude towards NXT from NBCU has been very positive over the past few weeks.

“NXT” has officially dropped the “2.0” from its name A few weeks ago, as the brand acquired a new identity, starting in September 2021. Up and coming stars began to be featured more, many of whom had no previous professional wrestling experience and were new to the business. This was a huge change from the “NXT” that fans had previously known, as “NXT” would schedule major event weekends surrounding WrestleMania and SummerSlam.

NXT will have its own the next premium live event“NXT” Deadline: December 10th — same day The final battle of Ring of Honor pay per view. Final dates for NXT have not yet been announced.

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