Ballroom Dance Steps – Intro in 4 Steps!

Ballroom Dance Steps – Intro in 4 Steps!

Discover ballroom dancing! Since there are several types of ballroom dances, they all have several movements, positions, and steps. If you have just observed these types, you will understand that each type of ballroom dance, whether it is tango, waltz, jazz or foxtrot, has different steps and exceptional positions.

That is why it is necessary to learn basic steps in ballroom dancing and positions to improve your ballroom dancing skills. Learning these steps enhances your pleasure, fun and enjoyment with your partner on the dance floor. Several of these ballroom dance steps are quite easy to learn while some are very complex and only classroom lessons and hands-on teaching from a ballroom guru can improve your steps. Some of the positions and steps that are essential in ballroom dancing are as below.

1. The first position is an open position in which the dancer and his partner stand side by side with a woman on the right holding hands. This is a preparatory position where both partners are ready to initiate steps.

2. The second position is called the closed position, where both partners face each other, standing about six inches apart. The shoulders are relaxed and the man’s right hand holds the woman just below her shoulder. Her hand rests on the man’s right hand and her left hand holds his left hand. Both her hands should be at eye level.

3. The third important position is called right parallel position. In this position, the woman’s legs are on the right side of the man’s legs. Both partners’ shoulders are facing each other. However, the man’s right hand holds the woman’s back.

4. Fourth position is a left parallel position. It is quite similar to the third position, but quite opposite to it. The man’s left hand holds the woman from her back. The next position is the walking position in which the two partners stand side by side in such a way that the man’s right side touches the woman’s left side. This position is also called the semi-open or semi-open position. The man holds the woman’s right hand with his left hand and his right hand holds the woman partner’s waist.

These positions are essential before learning the ballroom dance steps. Some of the ballroom dance steps to learn with these positions are ball change steps, kick, lock steps, vine and sailor steps. These steps are fundamental in learning ballroom steps. A real ballroom dancer not only knows the basic positions but also knows all these basic steps because without learning these steps it is impossible to start dancing.

Also, it should be kept in mind that no one can learn or master these basics on their own. Therefore, a teacher is required to teach you how to take these positions and steps. The reason is that the amateur cannot yet learn how to step forward or backward without proper instruction. That is why it is necessary to get some lessons in a good school to master these positions and steps. Once you learn them, you should practice them every day in your spare time.

Once you learn these basic ballroom dance steps, you can start dancing at parties, features with proper steps and bars. Then you can wow your friends on the dance floor without any hesitation or shyness.

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