Big Name Audio Interviews – How to Get One

Big Name Audio Interviews – How to Get One

Big Name Audio Interviews – How to Get One

If I was just starting my info product business and didn’t have a profile, this is what I would do to get started.

I would try to quickly establish myself as an expert. But I would benefit from the experience of others.

Now, the top guys in your industry or field may not know you. But they know each other.

So I would try to position myself as a kind of public relations expert.

I would go to any expert in the field I was interested in and say, “I have this idea. I’m putting together a book with a compilation of audio interviews of the world’s greatest copywriters.”

And if my field was something else, say music or health, I would do exactly the same. I would try to talk to them on the phone and really project a passion for what I was offering.

But if I couldn’t get them on the phone, I would try to project it in an email. I would say, “I plan to interview Bob Bly, Clayton Makepeace, Joe Vitale, John Carlton, and Ted Nicholas. I would also like to interview you’.

I would explain that I will turn the interviews into transcripts, which will in turn become a book that I plan to release on Amazon. I would tell them about a website dedicated to the book.

That I’m going to do joint ventures… And that “I’m going to promote this like you wouldn’t believe.”

They’d be crazy not to get on.

Why? Because by grouping them with other experts in their field, I reinforce the feeling that they are experts too.

Plus, I do all the promotion and distribution that they can benefit from.

Think of all the experts who contributed to the hit documentary The Secret; people like Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield.

How much more famous they are for starring in this movie.

It makes no sense when you think about it. Try it for a while.

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