Blow the doors off your sales training event with great entertainment options

Blow the doors off your sales training event with great entertainment options

When you go the distance to train your sales team on brand new marketing and sales efforts during a weekend event, you expect a lot from them. So why not give them the BEST entertainment opportunity with a top shelf LA cover band to close out the event?

The more you expect, the more you give.

The sales team knows this… And they have expectations too!

Give them what they want… Powerful, premium entertainment on the last night of your training event will pump them up, crack them up, and send them into the sales floor with pockets full of desire. They will sell. They will blow the doors off with new sales.

Start your event with a tribute artist

Come on, invite a tribute artist to discuss business at the first breakfast or coffee break. Imagine the reaction of your sales team when Elvis is in the room. Won’t they be a little more excited to participate when they know you’ve covered ALL your entertainment bases with quality, top-notch artists to energize the Sales Training Event?

Great motivation and charm

Midway through the event, before you hand out the previous year’s sales awards and complete some demo training, you’ll want to present an easy group of 3 – 5 people with current hits. Maybe a showcase of spectacular dancing girls, LA-style music and covers to ease your sales team into a night of madness and find out who will be their best and most reliable sales associates. They’ll be raring to go the next morning when you finish the first night on a high note!

The grand finale from the heart of Hollywood

After sales training is complete, before your team heads home to prepare for their sales launch on Monday, seat them in a luxurious dining room with a five-course meal fit for the amazing team that they are, candlelight and a soft background music. .. But then turn it up with Hollywood’s BEST, LA’s most popular cover bands and send them off with a weekend they will NEVER forget.

The key ingredient to running a sales event is an unforgettable sales training event. Your sales team should be humming hot tunes from the BEST night of their lives for the next six months!

Give them a night to remember.

Are you ready to break sales records?

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