Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Ranking System

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Ranking System

Jui Jitsu is a form of martial arts developed in Japan in the 1600s. The popularity of the sport was such that it spread to other countries and became a widespread phenomenon. Jui Jitsu especially became a rage in Brazil when it was introduced by the famous fighter Mitsuyo Maeda in 1914.

The story behind the introduction of Jui Jitsu to Brazil is quite interesting. When Maeda arrived in Brazil as part of an immigration group, he became friends with a businessman known as Gastao Gracie.

Gracie helped Maeda settle in Brazil and helped him adapt to a new land. In return for the favor, Maeda offered to teach Jui Jitsu to Gastao’s eldest son, Carlos Gracie. Carlos taught the art to his brothers who then opened an academy in Rio de Janeiro where he taught the skill to many.

The Gracie family subsequently went to the US and took the art with them. Since then it has been called Brazilian Jui Jitsu. The art did not become popular until the 1990s when the Royal Battle Championships became popular and were won by Royce Gracie.

This form of martial arts is more about skill than anything else. His main art is Judo. Doubling as both a sport and a form of self-defense, this martial art promotes physical fitness and discipline. When you try to become a master, you take on the challenging task of controlling both your mind and body and making your body obey your mind’s instructions.

Rather than brawn or brawn, Ju Jitsu is about mental strength and technique. You have to practice the moves for years to get them perfect. A true master of this art does not rely on strength; rather, he seeks to exercise power through his knowledge of art.

This sport is more science than anything else. You need to manage grips that will block the muscles and body to prevent them from fighting back. Chokes and joint locks are the two types of submission moves that can completely disable your opponent.

The trick is knowing what the pressure points are and how to contain them. This sport can be quite dangerous as some grips can lead to choking or strangling the opponent. Therefore, these risky moves should be tried without master supervision.

The traditional costume of a jiu jitsu fighter is the Brazilian jiu jitsu outfit, which consists of a kimono and a belt that determines the player’s ranking using its color. Black is the highest rank. Kimono is also known as Gi and is a long tradition.

Shoyoroll Brazilian Jui jitsu Gi is one of the leading types of fighting equipment. It’s the coolest gear out there, and also among the most expensive. These Gi’s are the rarest as they are usually marketed in limited editions.

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