Buying Rain Boots – Are Bigs the Same as Rain Boots?

Buying Rain Boots – Are Bigs the Same as Rain Boots?

There are many names for different types of boots. You have galoshes, rubber boots, snow boots, water boots, rubber boots, rubber boots, and probably other names I can’t even remember. So you might be wondering, “are rain boots the same?” Let’s find out by learning a little more about rain boots!

For the most part, yes, shoes are the same as rain boots. But to be picky, while all rain boots can be considered rain boots, not all rain boots are rain boots. Jackets are always made of rubber, but rain boots are not necessarily so. Although it can be argued that rubber boots are the only ones that are truly waterproof, there are still many boots marketed as rain boots that are not made of this material.

Many rain boots can be made from synthetic materials that have been treated to be waterproof. Even canvas boots that have been treated with a protective coating can do a pretty good job of protecting your feet from the wet and cold weather. But they are certainly not flip flops.

So what are Wellies?

Wellies is basically a nickname for a certain type of rubber boot that originated in Great Britain. They were originally called Wellingtons, which is a brand name for boots made by a British company called Hunter Wellington. They were probably the first manufacturer of what we now call wellies, so Wellingtons and Wellies refer to these types of boots, and this is generally the name used regardless of which company actually made them. While Hunter Wellington is still around and makes great boots, many companies, like J Crew or even Jimmy Choo, make the same style today.

Although this style of boot has long been fashionable in rainy England, the shoes are a big hit everywhere today thanks to some fashion trends that have made the boots more stylish and cute. You don’t have to settle for a pair of army green or black boots. Nowadays, you can buy gowns in all kinds of trendy colors and even prints.

I think some of the prints on these boots make them especially cute. Checks and floral prints are my favorites, especially when bright colors are used. They’re perfect for rainy spring days if you want to spend them splashing in puddles. What could be more fun? Especially when you don’t have to worry about your feet getting wet.

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