Can lovebirds and budgies live together?

Can lovebirds and budgies live together?

Many bird keepers who have one species of bird want to keep other species along with their existing birds. Each type of bird has its own charm. Due to the limitations of redundant cages, they want to keep several species of birds together in one cage. So many people think what if they could put new birds in the same cage with other birds and still have no problems.

Many people who currently have budgies also want to keep lovebirds in the same cage. They have a question in their mind: “Can I keep my budgies and lovebirds together? “Can lovebirds and budgerigars live together in the same cage without any problems”?. The answer to this question is; Lovers and budgies cannot live together.

Lovebirds are slightly larger than budgerigars, but have very strong beaks. They can become aggressive towards any other bird species if they are housed together in the same cage. Budgerigars have smaller beaks and cannot defend themselves if a love bird becomes aggressive towards them. Lovebirds can cut budgies’ legs or seriously injure them if you put a budgie in a lovebird’s cage or vice versa.

Lovebirds, as the name suggests, are loving birds, but only to the extent that they are bred with only lovebirds. I have seen no problems with lovebirds living in a colony together. No matter how many pairs you keep together in a breeding colony, you won’t see any love bird hurting another love bird. They live peacefully together with other lovebirds in the same cage or colony.

Despite their good reputation among other lovebirds, they cannot tolerate other types of birds in their cage. A friend of mine had a colony of lovebirds; One day he bought some finches and put them in the same cage where the lovebirds lived. The next day he saw that all his finches had injured legs from lovebirds and he had to separate them immediately without further delay.

Lovebirds can not only live with smaller species of birds, but also with other larger parrots such as cockatiels. They can seriously injure cockatiels and other larger bird species with their strong beaks. They use their beak to cut everything in their cages. They can cut through entire wooden cages and can fly away in a very short time. Likewise, they can cut the toes of other birds if they are kept together in the same cage.

Therefore, it is wise not to keep other types of birds in the same cage where the lovebirds live. Young lovebirds and budgies, if kept together, can sometimes be safe to keep in the same cage, but this is still a risk to your budgies. Lovebirds are very territorial and will defend their territory, especially during breeding season, and can cause serious injury to budgies.

Even if you have hand-tame lovebirds and a budgie, you can’t let them play at the same time without your supervision. You may not know when the lovebird becomes aggressive and harms your little budgie. It is better to arrange separate playtimes for lovebirds and budgies to make it safe for your budgies. Therefore, it is wise to keep these birds separately, because lovers and budgerigars cannot live together.

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