Cancer symptoms: Almost everyone with advanced cancer experiences ‘unbearable’ fatigue

Cancer symptoms: Almost everyone with advanced cancer experiences ‘unbearable’ fatigue

Seriousness Cancer symptoms intensify as the disease progresses, but many patients ignore them until they become unbearable. Unfortunately, the absence of early reporting of symptoms significantly worsens the prognosis of cancer. Reports state that most patients diagnosed in advanced stages report the same debilitating symptom.

The American Cancer Society explains: “Fatigue is the feeling of being tired and unable to do things at a normal pace.

“This fatigue can affect you physically, mentally and emotionally.”

Cancer patients who suffer from this symptom often describe a constant feeling of extreme fatigue that disappears with rest.

“Almost everyone with advanced cancer has this symptom,” the health authority adds.

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When an advanced cancer is diagnosed, it is unlikely that treatment will be able to effectively cure or control it.

This is because the tumor will spread to nearby tissue, lymph nodes and other distant parts of the body.

Treatment may still be given in an attempt to shrink the tumor, but sometimes doctors decide that the risks of treatment outweigh the benefits.

It should be noted that people with advanced cancer are more likely to experience fatigue than those patients in the earlier stages of the disease.


The main cause of fatigue in cancer patients is disturbances in the level of body hormones, which is often seen in diseases such as breast and prostate cancer.

After more cancer cells appear in the body, fatigue can lead to reduced nutrition and reduced activity.

Cancer Research UK adds: “Some forms of cancer produce substances called cytokines.

“Cytokines are a group of proteins in the body that play an important role in strengthening the immune system. This can cause fatigue.”

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A report published in a medical journal BMC primary health care described the type of fatigue experienced by terminal cancer patients as ‘unbearable weakness’.

The report states that “weakness was the more common unbearable symptom,” seen in 57 percent of patients receiving palliative care.

The Cleveland Clinic describes cancer fatigue as “paralyzing” because it can come on suddenly.

The health body adds: “With this type of fatigue, no sleep or sleep helps.

“Most of the time you feel physically, emotionally and mentally drained.”

The American Cancer Society adds that patients often describe fatigue as a feeling of “listlessness, exhaustion, or washout” that may subside for a while but then returns.

Along with weakness, patients often report “excruciating pain,” according to a report in BMC Primary Care.

Pain in terminally ill patients is often characterized as chronic because it usually lasts longer than pain caused by other problems.

In cancer patients, pain often leads to several other complications such as:

  • Feeling irritable
  • He sleeps badly
  • Decreased appetite
  • Loss of concentration.


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