Career opportunities in photography

Career opportunities in photography

Career opportunities in photography

Painting is one of the prestigious branches of the visual arts. There are countless career or job opportunities readily available in the field of painting. All of these career options provide multiple financial gains that can help learners support themselves and their families. Some of these wonderful job prospects are discussed below.

Advertising consultant: An expert in the field of product and service advertising. He is usually consulted to give technical advice on the right form of advertising to choose for a particular product or service.

Interior Decorator: He is an artist who decorates the interior or interior parts of buildings like homes, offices, churches and other public buildings in an artistic manner, especially during occasions like weddings etc.

Landscape painter: He is an artist who paints on canvas and other materials depicting activities on land such as market scenes, festivals, etc.

Printmaker: An artist who is experienced in printing and involved in printing projects. It implements various printing technologies in the production of prints on T-shirts, banners, cups, etc.

Gallery Owner: The owner and/or keeper of an art gallery (a room or series of rooms where works of art are displayed). He oversees the sale and trading of artworks at the gallery.

Curator: an art historian who serves as a custodian in charge of a museum or art center that has a large collection of artifacts such as paintings, etc.

Computer Animator: An artist who is an expert in using the computer to create moving pictures for making films and movies.

Cartoonist: He designs satirical or humorous pictures and scenes (caricatures) for use in magazines, journals, newspapers, etc.

Book illustrator: He makes illustrations in books to explain the printed text or the content of the book.

Drawing Instructor: Teaches students in the field of drawing in educational institutions.

Exhibition Designer: An artist who plans and organizes an exhibition. He is responsible for the design of the layout and the arrangement of the artworks in the chosen venue for the exhibition.

Event Promoter: An artist who promotes events by designing and creating visual communication tools such as banners, posters, flyers, t-shirts, etc. to promote a particular upcoming or ongoing event such as a sporting activity, entertainment, etc.

Mural Painter: Paints scenes and pictures on the walls of public buildings, homes and offices as a form of decoration.

Mosaic artist: A picture maker who composes pictures using small cubes of glittering stone, glass, or colored papers assembled or arranged to form a picture.

Museum Educator: An artist who instructs people about objects and artifacts of scientific, historical, or artistic value in a museum.

Portraitist: He draws and paints the exact likenesses of people and other scenery. Usually such works are laminated or encased in wooden or plastic frames with a glass plate to be hung in rooms and offices as a form of decoration.

Set designer: He is responsible for the design, arrangement and decoration of the stage for theatrical performances in the theater.

Product Designer: He designs products for businesses and industries before they are manufactured.

Tourism Developer: An artist who creates artwork or joins other artists in developing an art tourism base.

Industrial Designer: An artist who designs products for an industry. He can be hired to handle all artistic product design for the industry.

Color Psychologist: An expert in color theory who knows the psychological or mental effects of colors on people. He is consulted before certain colors are chosen for various tasks by institutions, especially health and psychiatric institutions.

Art Therapist: A person skilled in using art as a form of therapy or medicine to treat patients with mental and emotional disorders.

Art historian: An artist who is well versed in the art history of various groups and people around the world.

Art Critic: An expert in criticizing or evaluating works of art for competitions and examinations. He also reviews various works of an artist and writes detailed comments on each for publication in magazines and leading newspapers.

Artistic Director: The director responsible for the artistic features of a theatrical production (costumes, sets and lighting).

Art consultant: an art expert who is usually consulted by companies, industries and institutions to give technical advice on art-related decisions such as color selection, emblem or logo, etc. of the institution.

Art Collector/Dealer: A person who collects several artifacts and trades them.

Art Administrator: He is the head of the art department of an institution who is responsible for all art-related decisions.

Archivist – a person responsible for the collection and cataloging of archives (a depository containing historical records and documents).

Enrolling in painting as a field of study is very rewarding. High school students who would like to further their education in the field of art may consider reading painting courses as this will provide them with the necessary skills for their career development.

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