Change your state of anger to “calm” with subconscious reprinting

Change your state of anger to “calm” with subconscious reprinting

Our destiny is determined by our daily behavior. Our behavior is in accordance with the state in which we find ourselves. If you experience a state of anger all the time, you may also experience a lot of resentment and guilt. In addition, the state of anger can also harm your health.

Here is a small and easy subconscious technique that I do with people to help with the internal patterns of the subconscious.

Think of a situation in which you usually experience a state of anger. Whether it is your home, office or any other place. Just realize it. Think about the situation, make a mental picture. Just put that image aside for a while in your imagination. This image will be used a little later.

Now you need to create a new image of calmness and delightfulness. To do this, you need to undergo the following experiment.

Imagine you are sitting in a chair. At quite a distance, you see the image of your image, known as the “other you.” Sitting in the chair, you should see the “other self” as you want. Now imagine seeing your “other self” completely relaxed and delightful. Imagine, the “other you” has learned how to be calm and delightful in this situation. Make this photo as attractive as you want. Also put some sounds in this image which can make it more attractive and strong. Once you’re happy with this “calm and delightful” image, create a thirty to forty second movie.

Now imagine getting up from the chair and going to the “other you” and entering the first scene, and relive the whole movie; enjoying every picture and sound in the movie. Repeat this process ten to fifteen times until the patterns of the new images are imprinted on your subconscious mind.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) has already proven that the condition is the result of the patterns we have developed in our subconscious. Also, you now have the choice to change or replace these patterns using creative and controlled imagination.

The key to achieving the desired result is to make the images attractive. You need to make the pictures in the “other you” colorful, big, three-dimensional and bright. Also, you need to improve the quality of the sounds in the “other you” images. It will help you create a heightened sensation. The stronger feelings you create, the more powerful changes you can cause in your behavior.

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