Check if your real estate license courses are approved

Check if your real estate license courses are approved

Real Estate License and DRE approved courses at a discount

You want to sell real estate and you need a license. quickly real estate license solutions exist to ensure you pass State Examination after the eighteen day “study” requirement and still be approved by the DRE.

Real estate department

It is important to make sure that the courses you choose are state-approved and DRE-approved. In 1917, a law was created that regulated license requirements. The DRE was created by this act and currently regulates brokers. It monitors the market and protects the transactions that take place regarding the purchase and sale of properties in the state.

Whether you are training for a new license, renewing your current license or actively buying/selling, Real estate department oversees and regulates activities, courses, schools and continuing education.

Therefore, when you are looking for a real estate license school for your pre-license training, the DRE will let you know if the school and courses are approved or not.

Discounted courses

Keep in mind that in today’s online education system, there are many schools with satellite websites that offer courses at approved schools. Sometimes these websites offer discounted courses.

Many times you will not find the discount websites with DRE. However, you will find that the courses they offer are registered and approved by the DRE. They may very well be a legitimate source for your pre-licensing materials without paying exorbitant prices. In fact, many of the well-known schools sell online through various vendors or discount locations.

According to the DRE website, the law requires it seller’s license candidates demonstrate the following:

  • Knowledge of English and mathematical calculations required when working with property valuations.
  • Understanding of transaction principles including mortgages, contracts, leases and appraisals.
  • Understanding the law relating to real estate.

Other subjects that may be included in the state exam include:

  • Financing
  • Laws
  • Ownership of the property
  • Land regulations
  • Contracts

I’m studying for the real estate exam

When preparing for an exam, it is important to study one subject at a time and take the exam for that particular subject. This will allow you to retain more information without bombarding your memory with multiple topics at once. Think of each course in terms of flash cards, where you divide topics into sections.

Each course will have its own exam and if you get a low score, start the course again. Do not transfer to another course until you have passed the course exam with a pass rate of 85% or higher.

After completing each exam and passing it accordingly, it is important to find and take exam preparation. Exam Prep allows state exam simulation. There are several styles of the exam and you may encounter timed and untimed exam preparation. The important thing to keep in mind is to be able to pass the exam preparation with a high score before worrying about the time it takes to complete the exam. Again, it’s wise to pass with a high score before you decide to register and take the state exam.

Research Tips

I find it best to study for any exam by writing the difficult questions on a piece of paper with the answers next to them. Write as little as possible and look at the paper as a whole and mentally make a picture of it. Also, you can carry the paper with you and read the questions and answers every day until you feel comfortable answering them correctly.

Study in a quiet area without any distractions. You need to focus on the material and mentally imagine what the question is asking.

Study before you sleep. I find that studying at night sometimes allows your brain to process the information while you sleep. Therefore, you retain information more effectively than studying in the morning before daily events cloud your focus.

In conclusion, you don’t need to buy expensive courses to get your license. Look for discounted course packages as long as you check that the courses you buy are DRE approved before studying for your real estate license exam. This way, you will know that the information provided will properly cover the exam material and your chances of passing will increase.

Remember to study one course at a time and use proper study techniques before taking the state exam.

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