Choosing a maid agency – 2 important checks before proceeding

Choosing a maid agency – 2 important checks before proceeding

Maid agencies and partner recruitment agencies act as intermediaries between employers and maids. They play an indispensable role in bringing together two distant countries, namely wealthy families who need household help and poor women who can offer their labor in exchange for a regular income. Problems arise when maid agencies fail to provide this important link in a satisfactory manner. This article examines two common problems that prospective employers face when hiring a maid agency.

  1. The maid bio list is out of date Most maid agencies do not keep up-to-date information about their available maids. At first glance, their selection of domestic helpers may seem comprehensive, complete with maid photos, personal details and a brief description of their basic education, strengths and preferences. The sad fact is that much of this information is outdated and exists only to impress your customers with their supposed wide selection. Storefronts and online maid agencies are particularly guilty of this charge, as evidenced by their static maid bios display. Many agencies draw from a pool of hired maids and post these shared bios without checking their current status. Some agencies do not deliberately deceive their customers, but simply neglect to update the current selection of maids in a timely manner. However, there are agencies that deliberately highlight the better candidates among the maids they hire in order to create the illusion of an abundance of choice for their clients. Several agencies continue to advertise outdated offerings from five years ago. We advise prospective employers to treat posted maid bios as a rough guide and always ask specifically for the latest available candidates from maid agencies. Don’t waste your time and effort sifting through countless pages of bios only to find out that the maid of your choice is not actually available for work. Rogue agencies may even pretend that your preferred maid was randomly selected by another competing client just hours earlier. An agency official admitted to Maid Aware that she did not deal with the extra administrative work involved in sorting through the published list of maids, as only a few processed customer inquiries would result in a “confirmed sale”.
  2. The maid agency you work with has a bad history We at Maid Aware are constantly amazed at the blind faith many employers have when choosing a maid agency. Few employers perform simple background checks on their maid recruitment agencies and suffer the consequences of delays, cost escalation and poor service when their chosen agencies fail to meet their basic requirements. We remember an old Czech proverb about carpentry — “measure twice, cut once”. When choosing a maid agency, it’s worth checking with local government regulatory offices, consumer associations, media publications, friends and relatives for their recommendations. Your goal is to identify problem agencies and blacklisted agencies to avoid. Unscrupulous or incompetent agencies have a habit of repeating past mistakes. You certainly have no desire to be their next unsuspecting victim, do you? Many countries that depend heavily on migrant labor maintain a register of licensed maid agencies. They monitor agency performance through a number of key indicators, such as demerit points, maid placement volume and retention success rates. News archives may reveal maid agencies that break the law in their treatment of hired maids and those accused of dishonesty by past clients. Most of this information is readily available through the convenience of the Internet. We advise prospective employers not to commit hastily to any maid agency without first vetting them. In our observations, maid agencies that advertise aggressively in the classifieds, boasting the lowest fees on the market, attract the most clients. Unfortunately, many of them consistently fail to deliver on their promises at such bargain prices. Do some quick work to distinguish the truly competitive offers from the bogus ones. It’s definitely worth the small investment of your time.

Maid agencies are the crucial link between employers and maids, as most people do not have the connections and know-how to hire their own maids from a foreign country. We believe that most agencies are run by honest and trustworthy people. However, as in any other industry, black sheep exist among valets. We hope this article from Maid Aware will help you in choosing a quality maid agency.

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