Cleopatra’s long-lost tomb could be hiding in a mysterious tunnel

Cleopatra’s long-lost tomb could be hiding in a mysterious tunnel

Since his tragic death in B.C. Location of Queen Cleopatra’s remains deceived the archaeologists.

Now, an expert leading excavations in Egypt believes he may have finally found his tomb, uncovering a mysterious, 4,600-foot-long tunnel.

The tunnel, described by the Egyptian authorities as a “geometrical miracle”, is located under the temple of Taposiris Magna, the great tomb of Osiris. close to the ancient city of Alexandria.

Kathleen Martinez, a self-taught Dominican archaeologist at the University of San Domingo, says that if her theory about the burial site is correct, it would be “the most important discovery of the 21st century.”

“After 10 years of studying the historical character of Cleopatra, I have to come to the field of Egypt to see the remains of this temple to make sure that these remains can be the lost tomb of Cleopatra.” he said in a recent video interview with the Heritage Key website.

“After three months of researching the area, I realized it was the perfect place for Cleopatra’s tomb. No one ever had such an idea. If there is a one percent chance that the last queen of Egypt could be buried there, then it would be. it is my duty to seek him.’

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