Cocktail with a fashion designer

Cocktail with a fashion designer

Chic is the new must-have for summer 2008. Love is in the air and filled with romantic nostalgia when it comes to women’s wardrobes.

The focus of fashion for the new season is the silhouette, loosely shaped and shaped with layers of fabric, asymmetric cuts, pleats gathered in a crossover mood between yesterday and today.

A flurry of colors, embroideries and laces invade a woman’s wardrobe. Start by wearing delightful linen petticoats topped with leather thigh belts and tin dresses with multiple sharp ruffles. With a touch of romance, knitted mini dresses that are splashed with roses and with gym chic sweaters and sweatpants in luxurious versions. Short lengths prevail with mini hems and many styles of shorts disappearing for the evenings, which are enhanced by long kaftans covered in glittering sequins.

Dresses are the stars of spring-summer 2008. Look for smooth, slippery fabrics with transparent and translucent textures that slide to emphasize the revitalization of the tracksuit. Prints, as always, dictate their own rules. Fabrics that are richly filled with vertical and horizontal stripes that play with a desire for graphic lines take a leading role. Geometric macro patterns and huge flowers will be popular this season, bringing fashionable femininity to a woman’s captivating look.

Highlights from this season:

LARGE PRINTS. Look for colors and contrast. Red, yellow, green, black, white and pink will do. Prints that are disproportionate but elegant and chic. Feel free to layer it with a sturdy cotton jacket or a pair of leggings.

RUFFLES and RUFFLES will give a flirty and innocent look to any woman. Long or short dresses, with an empire waist and decorated with pinup, large flowers. Use them for any social occasion you may have: a cocktail party or a dream graduation party. Frivolous crochet, romantic prints, stylish plants and charming embroideries is on the list for this summer too. This season’s SIGNATURE DRESS is the ONESHOULDER dress. The asymmetric cut emphasizes femininity and brings a touch of seduction.

Accessories are listed as “must-haves” for every look. Go crazy with bags: very large versions to look chic and confident, and very small for a more sophisticated feel. Do not forget about pearls, necklaces, cuffs, scarves and belts. And of course every woman’s favorite “Shoes”. High heels are a “must have” for this summer. These shoes already do all the work for you. They do their job of elongating and showing off the legs, and the rest is just play. The wedges are flared and lighter, showing a sculpted void. Sandals, also during the day, sparkling with sequins or contrasting colors scattered with fluorescent flashing with reflective effects. Ankle straps that wrap like spirals will be in high demand. Platform heels, oversized and peep-toe styles with crescent cutouts. Do not forget about the stilettos, curvilinear, shaped and slanted. As for the evening look, treat yourself to a pair of gorgeous shoes embellished with jewels and embroidery and covered in pearls and crystals.

Enjoy the romantic mood of fashion this season. We wish you to breathe and live with fashion. And you are interested in always being one step ahead of the incoming style and trends and you need help, then ask our fashion designer. She will help you figure out how to find your personal Style Look and make it work. The latest collections of women’s clothing and accessories, filled with marked romanticism and seduction for the upcoming season. One of the strongest designers in the world of fashion today offers you a unique opportunity to create and complement your wardrobe with timeless clothes and accessories that will eventually become collector’s classics, the most important thing in your wardrobe.

Our best wishes and good luck to you in the world of high fashion.

Fashion designer, Natasha Lerati

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