Construction resume writing services for project managers of all experience levels

Construction resume writing services for project managers of all experience levels

Whether you are new or an experienced project manager in construction, engineering or real estate, this article is for you. Sure, the job market isn’t as strong as it used to be, and career prospects are scarce, but there are still thousands of construction projects happening every day on a global scale, and each one of them requires one or more project managers. .

A project manager has many different definitions and responsibilities depending on several factors, including: what is your level of experience, are you a generalist or a specific project manager? Do you have PMP certification etc. However, almost all project management positions have one binding link – you MUST be able to simultaneously manage multiple projects at different stages of completion, as well as different employees with different experience and skill levels. Depending on your level of experience and focus, you may lean more toward one or the other, but both skills are necessary to be successful.

With that said, all you have to do is drive 20 miles in any direction from your house and chances are you’ll find new homes being built, older buildings being renovated, streets, that are being repaved and/or shopping centers that are getting a much-needed facelift or touch-up. Unlike days gone by when all you needed was a friend or connection at a construction company and a pretty good reputation, today’s construction job market is different. You need an effective construction resume to help you get through the door and land the position you want.

So what is the best strategy for success? There you have it – be proactive. What does this mean for you? Try this strategy on for size: Drive around and find 3 different projects that interest you. Once you have these 3 projects, find as much information as you can about the position. This includes the owner of the construction company, the general contractor, the subcontractor, the engineering firm, etc. and record the information in a pad that you designate only for this task.

Then, when you get home, look at your resume. I mean take a good look at this document and ask yourself, “Does this resume reflect me?” Is the resume up-to-date, have you carefully reviewed the information, does it support and highlight your accomplishments, and is it spell- and grammar-checked? In other words, is this the only document you want someone to look at as their first introduction to you for the position?

If yes, do your best to find the company fax or email, make sure you send your resume and cover letter from a professional email address (not: [email protected] partydude. com ) and send the resume and cover letter to the attention of HR or Ladies and gentlemen. If your resume is not in good shape, DON’T waste the opportunity, better get the services of a certified professional construction resume writer or writing service to help you get your resume in fighting shape!

Good luck!

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