Create a continuity program using audio interviews that people will stick with

Create a continuity program using audio interviews that people will stick with

How can you get people to stick with a continuity program rather than just join and cancel? I’ve heard this before. Member sites are notorious for this. I don’t know firsthand because I haven’t interviewed everyone with membership sites, but for the most part, if I had a membership site to my own site and you had to pay a monthly fee, say $20 a month, to get access next to all my recordings, downloads, transcripts and play buttons, most people would just log in, $19.95 and suck it all up, download it to their hard drive and cancel their membership.

Now there are ways to combat this; you can offer different membership levels. I could say $19.95 a month and you can only play the audio online. For $29.00 per month you get the transcript. For $59 per month or $100 per month, you get the rights to download MP3 files.

I interviewed the owner of Success University and they sell a membership site to a lot of audio and video content similar to mine. In the interview I asked them how they prevented this from happening, that was one of my specific questions. What they do is they limit the amount of downloads so you can only download two of the programs per month. Much like Netflix, the video rental company. When you have a certain membership you have different levels and one level is to rent one movie per week, a higher level membership you can rent four per week. A higher payment level that you can rent indefinitely.

You can also distribute your content like Alex Mandosian does and he sells his teleseminar secrets and breaks them up into modules and presents the teleseminar as a course, all the content live every Monday night. Sometimes he will get 4, 5, 6, 7 hours, so he distributes them to a system of 8 modules. There are other ways to do this; these are just some of the things that come to mind.

Or you could say, “Hey, if you’re the kind of person who wants it all and you want it all now.” Dan Kennedy had the mother of all deals where you could get any one of his products for a few thousand dollars. There are people who want this, they want it now and they don’t want to be tricked, they don’t want to wait every Monday to listen to the content. They want everything now and that’s a challenge.

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