Different flowers for Valentine’s Day and their meaning

Different flowers for Valentine’s Day and their meaning

Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love and flowers are one of the oldest ways to express our love for loved ones. Even in today’s age of high technology, when mobile phones, email messages and social networks have become the main way of communication, people still prefer to surprise their love by standing in front of them with a bouquet of flowers. But what you might not know are the hidden meanings behind these flowers – yes, every bouquet and flower carries a different meaning with it. So read on and find out what its flowers really mean to you:

  1. Roses: It’s no surprise that this classic flower is the most popular choice for Valentine’s Day among lovers. Maybe because it symbolizes love and romance. It is also a symbol of beauty. The following statistics are enough to show you the madness of the “love fest” rose: 223 million roses were produced in 2013 especially for Valentine’s Day. Because of this insanely high demand, it also becomes the most expensive flower on February 14.
  2. Gerbera Daisies: Daisies are a symbol of beauty, purity and innocence. The Gerbera variety of these flowers carries an additional meaning of “cheerfulness” due to its large flower heads.
  3. tulips: Tulips are a symbol of perfect love. These elegant flowers are some of the most popular flowers in the world, but they are often associated with the Netherlands because they flourished there in the 17th century. These classic and affordable buds convey comfort and warmth, making them a good choice for daytime.
  4. Peruvian Lilies or Alstroemeria: These long-lasting petals convey the message of friendship and devotion. They are native to South America, but can be found in almost all parts of the world during Valentine’s Day.
  5. Casa Blanca Lilies: These different and oriental lilies usually symbolize beauty and style. The heady scent of these stunningly different colors also makes it a great choice for your Valentine. However, these lilies are expensive compared to some other cheaper flowers.
  6. Orchids: These rare and unique buds are a symbol of beauty, love, power and luxury. Plus, they also convey a message of exotic seduction. Orchids can also keep well in bouquets and pots for longer than other sensitive flowers.
  7. Carnations: These ruffled flowers symbolize the message of new love and fascination. For some reason they get a bad rap, but in some places people like them. These great and cheerful colors are approachable and heartwarming.
  8. sunflowers: Like the sun, they represent warmth, freshness and happiness. Another message they convey is loyalty.
  9. Irises: Irises symbolize hope and faith, but in some places they also indicate royalty. You can mix them with either red tulips or daisies until you prepare an amazing combination for your bouquet.
  10. gardenia: Loaded with many fragrances, these beautiful and elegant flowers are a symbol of purity and joy. Being expensive and sold as individual colors, they certainly make a statement of differentiation on the day.

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