Dockless unloading – cranes and trucks

Dockless unloading – cranes and trucks

For many people and businesses, dockless unloading is a serious problem. For others, the term “no dock – no problem” means problem solved! What would you do if you had to make a bulk delivery to a customer without a loading dock or dock?

What if a person orders something from you that needs to be delivered to their home? How many private residences have docks to unload their goods. In fact, how many have forklifts to help you unload a simple pallet, let alone a grand piano or fountain for their backyard? None!

So you need some means of unloading your truck or van once it reaches its destination. Many drivers have a limited amount of time for each delivery, so guess what they sometimes try to do? Unload it by hand! They may have a friend in their cab and may also run a rope into the receiver to help manually lift that $10,000+ grand piano out of the back of the van or truck onto the ground.

Guess what happens? Yes I understand you! Someone loses their grip on the highly polished surface or slips and trips under the heavy weight, and the piano falls to the ground and falls apart. Not only does your customer have a claim for the piano, but you also have a claim for damages from your driver and anyone else injured in the failure.

Dockless unloading: vans with cranes

Now consider the situation where you use a trucking company that hires cranes for such a job. They know the potential dangers of shipping such items to locations without a dock or proper unloading equipment. By using the services of a truck driver who understands these issues, you may be able to avoid such serious problems.

If you ever have a situation where you may need to unload at a dockless location, then it’s important to make sure your drivers are never faced with the decision of whether or not to attempt manual unloading.

You can do this by using a crane van to collect and deliver your goods. You can avoid the problem of damaged goods and manual handling and personal injury claims by using a van or truck equipped with an integrated gantry crane to load, deliver and unload the items ordered by the customer. These can range from the aforementioned grand piano to a load of steel bars too heavy for anyone to attempt to unload any other way.

Avoid manual processing claims

Manually processing claims can be very expensive for you, whether through direct liability payments or increased insurance premiums. That aside, it’s certainly better to protect your van and truck drivers, as well as all other employees involved in loading and unloading goods, by providing the best handling equipment possible for your drivers and customers.

This is what crane vans offer. These vans and trucks allow you to load and unload your supplies at ground level. Why take chances when the solution is here for you!

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