Does the woman who is on top during intercourse give birth to a boy? It depends – here’s why

Does the woman who is on top during intercourse give birth to a boy? It depends – here’s why

I was recently asked this question and the person asking it had already tried to get pregnant using this method. She wanted to give birth to a boy and wondered if her experience (and the positioning she used) made that more or less likely. I’ll explain why the woman being on top during intercourse can sometimes work both ways (especially since I didn’t know any of the other variables at play) in the next article.

How intercourse positions are one of the things that can affect the gender of the baby. (And how the woman on top fits into that equation:) The person who wrote the email told me just one of the techniques she used in her quest to have a son. All I knew was the sex position she had used. She was right that it could affect the gender of the baby. But this is only one of three variables.

But when it comes to sexual positioning, there are really two things to keep in mind. You want to consider the depth of penetration as well as whether or not the woman is having an orgasm. If you want a boy, your goal should be deeper penetration or closer proximity to the cervix. This is because the sperm that produces male babies is weaker and does not survive as long. So in terms of helping the odds, the deeper penetration really helps.

But the woman on top allows for a lot of variation. The woman can basically control whether the penetration is shallow or not. If a woman wants a boy, it would be much better to position herself so that the cervix is ​​closer to the sperm depot. In terms of getting an orgasm, that’s also under your control. For a son, a woman must have an orgasm because the fluids that are produced by the woman during this process make her vaginal tract more alkaline.

This helps increase your chances of success, as male sperm producers thrive in an alkaline environment, while female sperm producers thrive in an acidic environment. (This is why if you want a daughter, a woman should avoid orgasm if she’s trying to conceive.) The woman who sent the email didn’t give me much information, so I had no way of knowing which category best described her. Also, the optimal sexual position for deep penetration will vary between you and your partner. Sometimes women in leadership positions are not the best way to achieve this. You may also consider entering from behind, using a pillow to elevate and tilt your hips.

Achieving an orgasm isn’t the only thing that helps keep you alkaline: Although female orgasm can help you reduce your acidity, this is only one way and for the most part it is not as effective as some other methods. You can usually change your PH and acidity level (to become more alkaline) by changing your diet (only temporarily until you get pregnant), or using douches, which often require more specific ingredients than what you’d buy over the counter at the local grocery store. If you are really motivated, you can combine all these methods (along with orgasm) to achieve the highest success.

Another thing that is important is exactly when you conceive. (Again, I did not have this information from the person who asked this question.) For a boy, you want to conceive properly when you ovulate. So since I don’t know her timeline or her acidity, I have no way of knowing if she met the other two variables that help you produce a boy. But she was right that sex positions did play a part. However, since I had so little information, I couldn’t form an opinion on whether her chances were increased or not.

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