Dress code for a rainy day job interview

Dress code for a rainy day job interview

What to wear to a job interview can be a tricky decision. You want to make a great first impression at the interview and have carefully planned what to wear. The problem is, Mother Nature didn’t get the memo that your perfect job interview outfit didn’t take a rainy day into account.

So what are you doing?

Well, you still want to show up dressed for a job interview, looking sharp and ready for success. Although interviewers may not remember what you wore, they should remember that your appearance was clean and professional. At a job interview, you will be judged as much by what you wear as by what you say.

Here’s a quick guide to “job interview outfits” for rainy days:

Clothes – The standard job interview dress code is conservative or business attire. Wear pants or trousers on a rainy day. You will protect your feet from getting wet and it will not be so noticeable. Stick to darker neutrals like navy and black because you’ll still look sharp even if you get a little wet. I usually recommend a shirt or blouse in white or a light pastel color like pink, blue and green. But for a rainy day, I recommend staying away from white because you’ll end up with a see-through shirt if you get wet.

Shoes – You should never wear open shoes or sandals to an interview and a rainy day is no exception. Wear conservative footwear and make sure you choose a pair of shoes that are not too high, as you will be walking through wet and slippery terrain. Trust me, there will be puddles everywhere and your goal will be to do your best not to trip and fall in the parking lot, building entrance, or lobby.

Accessories – If it’s raining, your best accessory will be a nice umbrella and a suitable raincoat. It’s hard to look professional when you’re holding a multicolored polka dot umbrella and wearing a bright red raincoat. Stick to dark neutrals like black and blue to match your job interview outfit.

hair – Your job interview hairstyle is the first to disappear on a rainy day and the hardest to restore when you leave the house. Choose a simple hairstyle that is easy to style in case the day is windy. It can make or break your entire look. Again, you want it to be polished, not messy and out of place when you arrive. Choose to pull your hair into a ponytail instead of letting it hang loose if you can.

Purse – You’ll already have plenty of storage with an umbrella and raincoat in hand, so keep your bag small. Stick to a leather bag or briefcase as it rubs off easily and looks professional regardless of the weather.

Yours job interview attire even on a rainy day it only needs a few adjustments to work. Sounds pretty simple, right?

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