Entrata’s SiteTablet: Features and Best Practices for Leasing Professionals

Entrata’s SiteTablet: Features and Best Practices for Leasing Professionals

SiteTablet is an iPad and Android tablet app that is fully integrated with Entrata’s property management software.

You will find the complete administrator’s guide for SiteTablet on the Entrata website. I highly recommend downloading the PDF file and keeping it for reference.

SiteTablet is packed with fantastic proprietary features and can be customized to the individual needs of leasing professionals in the multifamily industry. It is designed for a user experience that is shared between a prospective tenant and a leasing agent. Intuitive navigation and thoughtful design reflect this key feature.

Leasing consultants and other staff members can use SiteTablet to access important resources, photos, floor plans and property maps – as easily when touring the grounds as in the office.

SiteTablet allows future residents to:

  • create a guest card
  • start an application
  • they pay booking fees
  • select their preferred unit from a list of available floor plans
  • to upload the necessary documentation to their accounts

at the end…

  • sign their lease!

The app functions differently on a tablet than how Entrata functions on a desktop computer. However, important information and timelines are instantly synchronized between the Entrata dashboard and SiteTablet.

All familiar tasks exist on both PC and tablet. A property manager or leasing consultant can view availability, enter a work order, send mass emails, set up a resident portal, and more.

The SiteTablet also acts as a kiosk where residents can access community information and perform duties such as signing packages and requesting support. The SiteTablet can quickly convert to “Kiosk Mode” for functions that residents can use themselves, while restricting access to Entrata for more than specified services.

It’s worth your time to check out his app if you haven’t already. This is a wealth of information and with practice can become an invaluable everyday tool: especially for floating lease consultants who visit several properties a week.

In fact, the SiteTablet has all the potential to be a swimmer’s best friend. Because it contains all the information about the community, the leasing process is made easy – even for someone who has never been to the property before.

The necessary facts are accessible and provable at the touch of a finger. Floaters can forget digging through binders and “cheat sheets” for current and upcoming availability, pricing, lease requirements, and answers to common questions about utilities, square footage, and lease break penalties.

SiteTablet can bring an apartment community to life for a prospective resident and keep the manager, lettings consultant or agent always prepared.

Why not download a picture of the pool taken in the height of summer to remember a sunny afternoon with the family? Or show a convenience that is bypassed during the tour? Potential customers can even enter a virtual apartment and decorate the floor plan with scalable furniture.

If the management does not use SiteTablet, but does if the iPad is enabled with the app, floaters would do well to explore it and see how it might be useful to him or her.

Good luck!

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