Ethereum Nikolai Muchgian Dead by Drowning – Trustnodes

Ethereum Nikolai Muchgian Dead by Drowning – Trustnodes

Ethereum Nikolai Muchgian Dead by Drowning – Trustnodes

Nikolai Arkady Muchgian, a 29-year-old coder described by some as the co-founder of MakerDAO and an innovator of stablecoins, including a fork of DAI called Rai Reflexer Labs, was washed away by sea currents on the beach behind Ashford Hospital in Condado. : reports the Police Bureau according to to local media.

Little else is known about the development. Condado Beach is considered a dangerous beach with strong undercurrents.

Local media reports Many casualties have been reported, but rescuers have not yet been assigned to the area.

According to authorities, Muchgian was a resident of San Juan. Agent Rosario, assigned to the Isla Verde tourist district, was responsible for the complaint they said.

Despite a long career in the crypto space, including an investment in BitShares according to To Craig Sellers, who describes himself as the co-creator of Tether, Muchgian was not well known in the crypto space.

This is the first time many people, including this newspaper, would have heard of him publicly with Muchgian demanding a few days before drowning.

“The CIA and the Mossad and the pedo elite are doing some sex-trafficking blackmail from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. They are going to frame me with a laptop that my ex gf who was a spy installed. They will torture me to death.”

His public tweets are kind of filled with blackmail suggestions that “they” will get what they want through debt or blackmail, it’s pretty unclear at this stage if this was just a general slur against “them” or if there was something specific. .

This is the second drowning death of a Kryptonian in 15 months with the much more famous old-time bitcoiner Mircea Popescu. drowning in Costa Rica last June.

Popescu used to be very public about crypto but left in 2016 or soon after, while Muchgian was still working on projects related to the new stablecoin until a few days ago, according to his own public statements.

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