Examining promiscuous sexual behavior among youth

Examining promiscuous sexual behavior among youth

Every day young people are exposed to sexual stimuli from magazines, novels, music, television and pornographic films. The influence of “Western culture” on the youth has done more harm than good. The consequences of such exposure are the high incidence of premarital sexual acts among youth, as often reported in the media. Moreover, that these encounters are unplanned and no precautions are taken is evident from the increasing cases of unwanted pregnancy, induced abortion and cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Basically, the issue of promiscuous sexual behavior among the youth in the society has become the main part of the threat to the entire human existence in the background of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. In fact, no disease in human history has threatened humanity like the threat of HIV/AIDS. Today, the disease represents the greatest medical challenge for both scientists and researchers. For this reason, people’s rampant sexual behavior is being closely monitored in an attempt to control the spread of the disease.

Morale seems to be eroded, especially among the youth in the future hope of the nation, the light of tomorrow and the future leaders of this great country, much is expected of them for the survival and upkeep of this country.

Also, that our universities have produced most of the best graduates of character and learning in our society in the past is not a matter of debate anywhere, but can the same be said of our universities today? Your answer is as good as mine. This is a very big and serious challenge that still plagues universities and even other higher education institutions in the country. Guess what? Our universities, which are meant to be centers of excellence and inculcation of good morals and other virtues, have become havens of immorality. This decline requires immediate and serious national attention from the relevant authorities. In most cases, the scandalous clothing of female students is intended to lure and seduce their male counterparts and even the professors.

Another form of sexual behavior that is truly an extreme degree of human degradation that has invaded our society as a whole is the issue of commercial sex, also known as prostitution; it is increasingly becoming a way of life among our youth. Many of the girls see nothing wrong with having sex with men they barely know and receiving monetary or material reward from them. Likewise, men (gigots) date older women for material gain. Issues of love, care, intimacy and commitment, as well as the emphasis on personal responsibility, are no longer considered vital in most relationships. The slogan; “money for hand, back for land” encapsulates the extent of moral decay among the youth.

Despite the observation that increased unwanted or unplanned pregnancies, abortions and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among the youth presented evidence of a high level of promiscuity among them (youths), not much was done to stop this ugly situation. With this high rate of sexual immorality among the youth, the economic and socio-cultural life and future of our society is seriously threatened; especially against the background of deadly sexually transmitted diseases.

A possible recommendation is the need for us as a people to return to the traditional altruistic system of our cultural values ​​and what it teaches so that in our pursuit of modernity our cultural values ​​are not completely lost.

There is also a greater need for more serious moral and sexual education to be taught in homes and schools, especially in secondary schools. Churches and mosques should put more emphasis on moral preaching and teaching so as to educate the youth about the consequences of immoral sexual activity

However, it should be noted that a greater percentage of youth and women engage in promiscuous sexual behavior in an attempt to satisfy their personal needs. The government should try to tackle the socio-economic problems of the country by creating employment opportunities and making other basic necessities of life available, affordable and accessible to the people.

Finally, the government should monitor the nature and type of information and cultural values ​​that are broadcast on television and radio stations, especially in the area of ​​pornography (blue films) and magazines that are imported into the country.

With all this, promiscuous sexual behavior among the youth can be reduced, if not eradicated, to a tolerable level.

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