Far-right French MP suspended after shouting “Go back to Africa!”

Far-right French MP suspended after shouting “Go back to Africa!”

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PARIS – The far-right French lawmaker who shouted: “Go back to Africa!” in parliament because a black far-left colleague spoke about migrants will be suspended for 15 days amid outrage over his racist remarks.

Marine Le Pen’s opposition National Rally MP Grégoire de Furnas made the comments on Thursday as left-wing MP Carlos Martens Bilongo spoke about the challenges facing migrants on board the SOS Méditerranée NGO rescue ship.

Deputies of the French National Assembly on Friday voted to suspend de Furnas for 15 days, the maximum sanction possible under parliamentary regulations.

From Furnas argued that his comment referred to the NGO ship that Bilongo was talking about and was not directly directed at the lawmaker.

Le Pen criticized the decision to dismiss de Fournay as a violation of freedom of speech. “This is a political trial that condemns the political idea that NGO ships should disembark migrants at ports of departure rather than in Europe.” on Twitter.

National Assembly Speaker Yael Brown-Pivet Friday said that “democratic debate” should not allow “racism”. French President Emmanuel Macron also on Thursday convicted From Furnas’ comment.

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