Fate Cards – Your Annual Spreads Cards – The Key to Your Past, Present and Future

Fate Cards – Your Annual Spreads Cards – The Key to Your Past, Present and Future

The way the fate card system works is quite magical in many ways. First, instead of months, the year is divided into seven planetary periods, each 52 days long. They start on your birthday every year. On your birthday each year, you begin the Mercury period, which lasts 52 days. The whole sequence is as follows:

Mercury – starts on your birthday, lasts 52 days Venus – lasts 52 days Mars – lasts 52 days Jupiter – lasts 52 days Saturn – lasts 52 days Uranus – lasts 52 days Neptune – starts 52 days before your next birthday

The dates on which each of these periods begins can be calculated by simply adding 52 days to your birthday, etc. For example, for someone born on December 5, the dates would be

Mercury – December 5 Venus – January 27 Mars – March 20 Jupiter – May 11 Saturn – July 2 Uranus – August 23 Neptune – October 14

These periods start and end on the same dates, except for a leap year for a small number of birthdays.

In each of these periods two cards are usually found (Neptune often has only one). These cards are not selected by you. They are calculated from the day of your birth. Thus, these cards and the others in your “annual spread,” as we call it, are fixed from the moment of your birth. The two cards in each period, which we call planetary period cards, govern these 52-day periods and tell you what will happen and often who it will happen to. For example, someone who like the 4 of Hearts and the Fall of Diamonds in their Venus period may marry (4 of Hearts) a young man of Diamonds (the Fall of Diamonds). And often the charts that show up in our planetary periods are the very Birth Charts of people we know, assuring us that they will be the ones we interact with at that time. Sometimes it’s amazing how unusual this can get. I remember when I took my first card class, I realized I had an A cup with 2 of clubs in Venus, right around that time. Well, Catherine Oxenberg, a famous actress whose birth chart is 2 of clubs, was another student present in this class. And the letter A of hearts represented my strong attraction to her. I was stunned to find this and a bit embarrassed thinking she would know my secret.

These planetary period charts are important in understanding what is happening during these 52 day time periods and are helpful in making future predictions. But there are five other cards in the annual spread that are actually much more powerful than these. We call them Annual Impact Maps.

Annual Influence Maps

These five cards are the most powerful of all. In fact, the people in the special family of seven that we discussed in our last lesson only have three of them. But either way, these are the cards we should look for first when making any kind of decision about what a year holds. The five cards are: Long Range Card Pluto Card Result Card Environment Card Displacement Card

The last two are the ones that the special “family of seven” does not have. It’s a bit complicated to explain why right now. For now, just chalk it up to their fixed nature. Now we’ll talk a little bit about each of these cards.

The long range card is the most important of all. I call it the headliner card of the year. Essentially, it points to something, or in some cases, someone, that will be the most important holder of your attention for a given year. I can often scan the long range charts for someone and see how their future will unfold years from now. This is quite fascinating. But whenever I do card reading on my weekly radio show, the first place I look is the caller’s long distance card. It will usually tell me everything I need to know. It is so important. In addition, you have another long-range chart found in the annual spread for your planetary ruling chart that does not appear in these free apps. When you want the whole picture of the year, you’ll want to know both. I remember when I appeared on the Marilou Henner show a few years ago. She studied her spreads and looked for cards to represent the birth of her newborn son. There were no birth certificates available. However, his birth chart was her long-term chart! When I pointed this out to her, her skepticism turned to surprise and wonder.

The Pluto chart and the score chart are connected. As we begin each year, both of these meanings when combined together tell you what challenges you will face this year. Sometimes these are cards of people you know or will meet. They usually represent something you want and don’t have at the beginning of the year. When that happens, they are an important target. Other times, these cards represent changes you’ve ignored but are necessary. We called them challenge cards. The cool thing is that every year you are guaranteed to make these changes, and the reward is your scorecard, which is always interpreted in a positive way. Sometimes it represents a quality you will possess and in some cases a person. I remember predicting the birth of my second son, Michael, because that year I had the King of Hearts, called the father card, as my score card. That’s how easy and amazing this system is.

The environment card is always a blessing card that gives us gifts for the current year. It can also be a person or it can be a money card, a movement card or a love card. Whatever it is each year will be something that helps you. Wouldn’t you like to know what yours is?

The displacement map is just as important. It’s a “local” map, though it’s a bit hard to explain in an introductory article like this. What he often does is point to key years of success, fame, recognition, reward or, in some rare cases, caution. Some of the most important cycles in our lives are heralded by our shift chart.

Your birth chart has an annual spread, as does your planetary rulership chart. So for most people that means you have two spreads to look at each year. With so many fate cards you have enough information for each month of the year and the year in general. All of this probably sounds a bit complicated. However, I guarantee you can learn this in an hour or less. Imagine investing an hour of your time to learn a tool that you can use for the rest of your life. I have business clients who spend thousands of dollars having me check their annual spreads to help them make business decisions.

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