Feeling like a mouse on a wheel?

Feeling like a mouse on a wheel?

A few weeks ago, a coaching client wearily told me that he felt like he was spinning like a “mouse in a wheel”—running hard but getting nowhere. This “mouse on a wheel” analogy is so well used that I visualized exactly what he meant.

Then I shared with him something that has been going on at home lately.

Last Christmas my son was given 2 mice; (thank you Santa). These 2 little mouse girls ran for hours on their squeaky little wheel – busy as “wheel mice”.

For months they did this.

Then I noticed one evening a few weeks ago that one of the mice climbed up the side of the wheel, balancing beautifully as it went, and sat on top of the wheel, perfectly balanced, looking down at the cage below; just surveying her territory.

My shock intensified as I watched her descend the same path. She then held the steering wheel as her now aging boyfriend climbed in.

Not only had they progressed beyond the pointless spinning of their wheel to climb up and take stock of their situation. The mice worked together and helped each other.

I told the story to my coaching client and he easily got the message.

He also got his own answers very quickly when I asked the questions;

If a mouse on a wheel can get down and take stock And help a friend do the same; what do you need to do to get YOUR bike?

What do you see when you take stock from a new higher perspective?

Who can you ask to “hold the wheel” to help you get to the new perspective?

If a mouse can learn to stop spinning on its wheel; what prevents you from learning the same?

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