Five reasons to have charity card machines

Five reasons to have charity card machines

Charities are more important to society than ever before. And although there is a greater need for people and causes, this has not hindered the human spirit. People really want to help others in need, and if you run a charity, you should make it possible for them to do so. The only way you can do this is to make giving as easy a process as possible. For this reason, card machines are becoming increasingly popular among those who would help people and causes in need. And with reason! After all:

More people are using plastic than ever before: Credit cards make transferring funds much easier and safer for those involved in payment processing transactions. As most of the world has switched to debit or credit cards, it makes sense to integrate this convenience into the day-to-day needs of your charity.

Creates easier payment processing: Donors are very temperamental. If the process is easy, you’re more likely to grab buy-in. If you make it difficult, they’ll just keep their money and move on, or find another like-minded charity to share their generosity with that values ‚Äč‚Äčtheir time and effort.

Encourages a Greater Spirit of Charity: People often make decisions to donate on the fly, and when you have charity cards at your disposal, you grab the donor’s attention at the right moment, making it quick and easy for them to follow their heart. Studies show that people are more willing to part with their funds if there isn’t a lot of encryption bureaucracy involved.

More funds reach the people or causes that need them: When more people give, it means more people will find the help they need, when they need it. Imagine a world where people don’t have to starve. The children had the necessary clothes. Families can rely on the roofs over their heads. When you facilitate the donation process, you bring society one step closer to caring for its own. And you never know when that generosity of spirit will come in handy.

The machine pays for itself: Accepting debit or credit cards costs a monthly processing fee, but it’s minimal compared to the support you’ll get in return. As the entire world begins to abandon paper money and embrace the convenience of electronic payment methods, you are positioning your charity to succeed through the use of card machines.

Charity card machines make it easy for people to donate and should be welcomed. Incorporate it into your charity’s model and you’ll see your generosity grow along with your funds!

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