Five Reasons to Use MICR Check Printing Software

Five Reasons to Use MICR Check Printing Software

Did you know you can print your own checks for just 4 cents per check?

If you write a lot of checks, have multiple bank accounts, multiple businesses, or use pre-numbered checks, I have good news for you. MICR printing software is very affordable and will save you time and money.

Here are five reasons to seriously consider MICR check printing software:

1. Pre-numbered checks aren’t cheap. You can save up to 10 cents per check by printing your own checks.

2. If you use pre-numbered checks and make a mistake, you must cancel the check number and print another check. It takes you more time and will cost you even more money… even if the printer went crazy and you didn’t!

3. MICR check printing software can be used with your current accounting software. You will quickly recoup your investment in MICR software.

4. Good MICR check printing software will print all the necessary check information plus your signature in one pass. No need to waste your time re-posting or signing checks.

5. Most businesses now have the laser printer needed to print MICR checks. The most popular printer for printing MICR checks is the HP LaserJet.

In addition to the laser printer, you will need two more items:

First, you need a MICR toner cartridge designed specifically for your laser printer. To learn how to buy MICR toner cartridges at huge savings, take a look

Second, you will need a blank safety check to ensure quality printing.

Of the five reasons mentioned above, the one-pass MICR printing software option is the most important. If the MICR software needs to print more than once, you risk wasting time and paper. Remember, you want your MICR printing software to save you time and money.

So if you want to reduce your costs and time without sacrificing check quality, check out MICR check printing software today. The savings will add up quickly.

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