Four reasons to use an online fax service

Four reasons to use an online fax service

Four reasons to use an online fax service

Using one’s web connection and email program to send and receive faxes is becoming increasingly popular among both individuals and businesses. Why has this relatively new technology grown so quickly? There are many reasons, but for brevity we will limit them to four main reasons.

Cheaper costs – Using an online or internet fax service or provider is much cheaper than using a traditional fax system. Mainly because email fax is a paperless system, so you will save money on paper, inks, toners and even the cost of buying/running a fax machine. Everything is done online through your email account and a web connection. Monthly costs can range from $5 to $10, or even a little less if your faxing requirements are very minimal.

Easy to set up and use – Since your online fax number and service are over the network, setup can be done in minutes. With most fax providers, you can even “port” your current fax number to these services, so there’s no loss of business. Using an online fax service is as easy as using your email. Once you sign up, you get a local or toll-free number and an online account where you can log in to read or send all your faxes. After you receive a fax, an email is sent to you with the fax attached – usually in a Tiff or JPG file. Most services also have apps that can be placed on your desktop computer or on your smartphone.

A green solution – With today’s dramatic weather conditions and extremes in mind, everyone is becoming aware of the damage we are doing to the environment. Online faxing is often seen as an environmentally friendly solution as it is a ‘paperless’ system that will save countless trees from being cut down. Then there’s all the energy saved from NOT having to manufacture all those papers, inks, toners and fax machines to consider. Plus the energy we save by NOT having to operate a fax machine 24/7, 365 days a year.

Complete integration – Even considering all the valid reasons above, perhaps the leading factor in the popularity of online faxing is integration. Internet fax is digital, and we live in a digital world now. All your faxes can easily be stored online or in all your computer devices. They can be easily retrieved with a few clicks of the mouse, whether the fax was received yesterday or last year. Plus, all your vital faxes can be shared with all your employees or sales team so everyone can be on the same page. In addition, online fax is completely mobile and can be used anywhere – especially when you consider that it can be easily integrated into smartphones, tablets and laptops. Your company can operate 24/7 and be accessible from anywhere.

These are four good reasons why you or your company should at least consider an online fax service. It is much cheaper and much easier to use than traditional fax. Plus, a web-based “cloud-based” system can be fully integrated with all your computers and smartphones within minutes. It’s a “paperless” green solution whose time has definitely come – but like all business decisions, you decide.

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