Free online poker games

Free online poker games

Free online poker games are everywhere. You can find them on poker stars, absolute poker, full tilt poker, etc… FREE. Now, if you are new to poker in general and still don’t know the rules of poker, I definitely suggest you start playing online. If you have been playing poker for years and years at a local casino or home game, playing free online poker games is VERY different. The reason is that you can’t actually see someone’s facial expression and reading a person’s poker cards is much more difficult online. Also, catching a bluff online is much more difficult than it is live. The good thing about playing poker online is when you finally get to know where to play poker online and how when you play for poker chips for virtual money, you can switch to playing for real money.

The first thing you need to know when you get into the real money tables is that they are MUCH DIFFERENT than playing for play money. A player’s games completely change when money is on the line. Don’t ask me why, but if players don’t have money on the line, most of them just aren’t motivated to try and win. In order to reach the stage of trying players, you need to switch to real money games offered on all the same sites where you can play free online poker games, you can also play for real money. I suggest you deposit $50.00 if you don’t have that much. I was a poor college student when I started playing for real money. It turned into a house, a car, and being able to quit my job, so it’s definitely possible. After you deposit that $50.00, many poker sites like fulltilt poker and poker stars will give you a 100% deposit bonus to match the amount you deposit up to $600.00. This is great for you, right when you deposit that $50.00, you now have $100.00 dollars to work with. Instead of jumping right into a cash game with that $100.00, I highly recommend you try out the set and go games. You can’t go wrong with poker tournaments online. If you are not familiar with sit n go’s, they are mini tournaments consisting of 9 players, with the first 3 of those players making the money. The structure of the awards is as follows:

3rd place = 20% of the total prize pool offered

2nd place = 30% of the total prize pool offered

1st place = 50% of total prize money offered

Looking at these payouts, winning first place in a set and go is like three 3rd place finishes. It is VERY important to try to win first place every time. A great poker tip to know is to play tight all the way until there are 4 players left where you have to play aggressively. When there are 4 players left, everyone will start playing tight but YOU in hopes of holding on for 3rd place and getting into the money. This is the best time to steal their blinds and make your way to the top spot.

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